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Voting for Round 5 of STS Designer Darling + Freebie

Well, this is the final round!  It’s been such a fun run and I hope everyone has enjoyed all the wonderful kits that all the designers in the challenge have been sharing these last few weeks.  I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the super cool ideas that everyone has come up with for their kits.

You can still grab my full kit “Luminous” from the STS forum by clicking on the preview below, then be sure to grab the freebie add on here at my blog below.  Also if you liked my kit, please vote for me 🙂  You can vote in the forum HERE.  And thanks again so much to all my supporters this round!  YAY!!!

 photo BCMD_lum_preview.jpg

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 photo BCMD_lum_addonpreview.jpg

Here’s a layout I made using the kit and add on as well as a template by Wendy Tunison Designs Temptations vol. 16

 photo 2012-6ButterflyKisses.jpg

Round 5 Designer Darling entry at STS “Luminous” freebie

This is the final round of the Designer Darling competition at Stuff to Scrap.  We each had to make a full sized kit, complete with alpha, and could use any colors and theme for our kit.  I’ve been seriously anticipating the arrival of spring.  We keep getting little tastes of it here in the Cleveland area, where the weather will warm up for a few days and be sunny and then crashes back down into cold, dreary, grey skied winter with some occasional snow flurries.  So to cheer myself up I decided to work with very springy colors, but felt that to really make these beautiful bright greens and yellows pop that I needed some darkness mixed in as well.  So I added some “Cleveland grey” to the mix, and I hope the kit evokes the feeling of spring bursting forth from the dull grey of winter.

I hope you enjoy this kit, and watch my blog for a freebie once voting starts in a few days.  You can download it from the STS forum by clicking on the preview.   You do need to be a member of the forum, but it’s free to join 🙂
 photo BCMD_lum_preview.jpg

 photo BCMD_lum_paperpreview.jpg

 photo BCMD_lum_alphapreview.jpg

And here’s a layout I made with this kit using a template by Wendy Tunison Designs – Temptations vol. 16
 photo 2012-6ButterflyKisses.jpg

Designer Darling Round 4 voting at STS + freebie add on

Voting is up for round 4 of the Designer Darling Challenge at Stuff to Scrap.

If you missed my entry for round 4 you can still grab it from the forum HERE.  If you really like it, I would love it if you would vote for me!  I had so much fun with this round, and it was such a challenge as we could only use our own commercial use items.  We were given a sample package of CU items that we could pull from as well, but a majority of the kit had to be of our own making.

 photo BCMD_NB_preview.jpg

And you can also grab this freebie from my blog today click preview to download: sorry link expired
 photo BCMD_NB_addon_preview.jpg

Designer Darling Round 4 Freebie

Round 4 of the Designer Darling challenge at STS was one of the most difficult so far, for two reasons.  First of all we could only use our own CU items, this means I had to scan all my own textures, paper patterns, and my own elements (by scanning or creating on Photoshop-using only the shapes and brushes included with Photoshop-no added styles, shapes, brushes, etc).  I have a pretty good stash of commercial use items that I’ve scanned and extracted already, but very few textures and paper patterns.

Also my computer crashed the day we got our assignments for this round and my husband had to completely rebuild the computer and re-install everything. This did, fortunately, make it easy to determine which brushes, styles, shapes, etc were those included with photoshop all my added ones were lost in the re-build!  I just had Tuesday and Monday night to work on this kit.  It’s one of the fastest kits I have made, but despite all the insanity surrounding making this kit, I’m super happy with how it turned out!

I was inspired by a commercial I saw during the Oscars (so it was fortuitous that my computer died and I was forced to watch TV for a change!)  Anyhow the commercial was of women wearing pretty dresses and sitting in trees – I have no idea what they were trying to sell, but I thought it was a very lovely visual image.  So I started thinking about tree bark texture and butterflies, and pretty things against the greens and browns of nature.  And I’m really happy with the result.  I’d like to add on to this kit with my CU stash and make it a full sized kit someday!

You can grab this mini kit from the STS challenge forum if you click on the preview.  Also be sure to stop back by my blog once voting starts to grab an add on freebie 🙂
 photo BCMD_NB_preview.jpg

STS Designer Darling round 3 CU pieces

For this third round of the Designer Darling competition we all had to make 3 commercial use (CU) items.  I chose to include a cute little dolphin scatter, using some of Fiona’s cool beads, an awesome metal leaf, and an embroidered flower. I hope you love using these for any kits you are making if you are a designer, or feel free to use them to jazz up a layout 🙂

I’ll have a little freebie CU add on in the next few days, so be sure to stop back!

You can download this CU set from the STS forum by clicking on the image
 photo BCMD_TNT_preview.jpg

Designer Darling Round 2 “Skate Girl” + Freebies

We’re on to round 2 of the Designer Darling Challenge at STS. This round we were all given a couple photos to use as inspiration. One of the photos showed the owner of STS who is on a roller derby team. I really wanted to go with the roller derby kit as I think this is such a cool sport. I loved the movie Whip It!  I tried to make my kit grungy and hard core.  Those derby girls are super tough!

I picked a grungy palate, and I really love the results.
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 photo BCMD_RG_preview.jpg

Here’s a photo I made using the mini kit and the add on o my daughter trying out roller blades for the first time!  Using a template by Shayne’s Girl

 photo skatergirlfeb2013.jpg

And here on my blog you can grab this freebie add on 🙂

sorry link expired
 photo BCMD_RG_addonpreview.jpg

STS Designer Darling “Spring Fling” plus freebie

I decided to participate in the Scraps N Pieces Designer Darling competition again this year.  I had such a great time last year and got to know so many great designers, so I’m excited to be a part of it again.

For this first week all the designers were given the same bright, springy color pallet.  We could each decide on our own themes as long as we used those colors and had the right amount of elements and papers.

My theme is Spring Fling.  I wanted to capture some of the feelings of a retro spring formal.  You can download my submission to the contest from the Scraps N Pieces forum.  I also have a freebie here on my blog and one on my Facebook page 🙂  So if you visit all three stops you’ll have a nice sized kit.  I had a hard time sticking to the required elements and papers!

click the preview to go to STS. You do have to be a member of the forum to access the threads.  Voting has begun for the competition!  If you liked my kit please vote for it HERE.  Don’t worry, you can pick a few favorite kits 🙂

If you want to be sure to be kept up to date on all my freebies during this competition be sure to follow my blog and Facebook page.  Also you can sign up for my newsletter, where in addition to assorted freebies and coupons, I will keep you guys up to date on all the fun happenings during the contest 🙂

dowloads all expired.  Watch for this kit in my SNP store
 photo BCMD_SF_preview.jpg

And this add on part you can get right here on my blog (click preview to download)  sorry download link expired.  Watch for this kit to be in my SNP store soon!

 photo BCMD_SF_blogpreview.jpg

And here is a freebie add on from my Facebook page:

 photo BCMD_SF_AO1_previw.jpg

Here are a couple  sample pages I made with this kit (also using some of the freebie pieces).  The first one is of my daughter’s recent Girl Scout adventure at a sock hop.  Both of my girls had such a wonderful time dancing around to fun music and batting around giant balloons.

 photo GirlScoutSockHop2013.jpg

This second layout is of my husband back when he was in his middle school marching band!  
 photo marchingbanddan1987.jpg

On Ice Figure Skating Freebie

I have a second add on for you guys today YAY!

Some more pretty papers and elements to coordinate with the figure skating part of the kit.  Once again, I’d really love any votes for my kit On Ice as this is the last round.  After this it’s all over-unless I’m one of the lucky chosen designers to join the store.  So if you like my work please vote here.

This will be the last portion of Designer Darling.  Thank you so much to all the judges for giving such great feedback, and for giving us so much of their time-I totally understand all the work that goes into making kits now, so I can really appreciate the time you gave us.
Also thanks to all my fellow competitors, I really feel like I’ve gotten to know some of you guys better through all the chatting and posting, and have gotten so much inspiration from all of your beautiful kits!
And of course thanks to everyone who left nice feedback.  It really means so much to hear that others like what I’ve put so much love and work into 🙂  I hope to share more with you guys!

If you like my kit On Ice I would love it so much if you could find the time to vote at Stuff to Scrap HERE.

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Time to Vote and a Freebie

Voting has begun for the final round of the designer competition at Stuff to Scrap.  If you like my kit On Ice I would love it so much if you could find the time to vote at Stuff to Scrap HERE.

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Also as a big thank you to everyone who has voted for me, left me a comment, or just liked my kits well enough to allow them to take up valuable space on their hard drive 🙂  I have an add on you can download here today and another that will be posted tomorrow.  Today’s add on features the hockey portion of the kit and tomorrow’s will feature the figure skating portion.  If you haven’t already, you can also pick up a Facebook Fan exclusive at my fan page of a set of cardstocks to match the kit.

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Designer Darling Round 5 + Fan Freebie

Well, this is the final round of the designer competition at Stuff to Scrap.  It’s been a ton of work, but I’ll be a little sad to see it end.  It’s been lots of fun and I’ve learned so much from the judges.  I want to thank everyone for their nice comments and any votes that were sent my way.  And I want to especially thank my and incredibly patient surprisingly sportive husband who let me show him every little change I made and listened to me jabber non-stop about this competition and was ok-ish with letting me spend pretty much every second of my free time messing around with Photoshop.  Hey Babe, it’s all over, you can have me back now!

For this final round we were able to choose any theme and any set of colors.  We had to make a full sized kit with 10-12 papers and 25-35 elements as well as a full alphabet.  I’ve had some great photos of Fiona on the Jumbotron at a hockey game from a couple years ago that I have been wanting to scrap forever.  I decided that I would make a kit to use for these photos.  But I decided that I wanted to show different kinds of skating, for this kit I chose hockey and figure skating.  I chose colors that I felt would work well in bright bold colors for hockey and in soft pastel colors for figure skating. 

I had so much fun putting this kit together and using it.  I hope you enjoy it too.  Also don’t forget to vote for me at STS beginning on Wednesday if you liked this kit.  The competition has been super tight as all the designers are really amazing and the kits have all been so well put together.  All I can say is that I’m really glad I’m not a judge for this competition!  I don’t know how they will make their final decisions!

You can download this kit from the STS forum by clicking on the preview.  You do need to be a member of STS to download this kit and vote.  But as you can see it’s a fun forum where we have great challenges and inspiration for scrappy types 🙂

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And just the papers:

And here is a preview of the alpha included in the kit.  It comes with upper and lowercase letters, numbers 0-9, and a fun assortment of symbols.  I had a great time playing with the texture on these elements to make them look all icy. 

Also if you stop by my Facebook fan page-click on the imageto go there- and like me you will find this matching set of cardstocks in the Exclusive tab on the left.   I also have two add-on kits to coordinate with the big kit the first will be available here on my blog beginning on Tuesday night with the second on Wednesday night.  So remember to stop back by for the add ons and to vote!!!

Here are a couple layouts I made using my kit On Ice, both were made using the kit, cardstocks, and two add ons.