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Just Us November by Wendy Tunison Designs

November, the month between October’s autumnal kiss and December’s bitter cold.  It’s sweater weather and leaves crunching on frosty mornings.  It’s family get togethers and evenings curled up in front of the fire.  There’s shopping to do and meals to prepare.  There’s laughter and love and hometown football games.  It’s a month full of activity that brings us closer to the ones we love and fills our memory jars with years of remembrances.  It’s the season’s last grasp at color before the world is blanketed in white.  So tuck into Just Us {November} by Wendy Tunison Designs,  filled with warm colors and soft textures to celebrate the warmth of November the whole year through.

Wt_JUNov_full copy

Wt_JUNov_alpha copyWt_JUNov_pp copy

Wendy has also cooked up some extra pieces to go with it!

Wt_JUNov_exal copyWt_JUNov_exell copy
Wt_JUNov_expp copyWt_JUNov_Lingo copy

If you want it all, she’s bundled it all up into a fabulously priced bundle!

Wt_JUNov_bundle copy

I bet you can’t wait to see what our creative team has done with this kit!


Have a great day!

And here are my sample layouts made with this fun kit!
The girls with their pumpkins from our pumpkin patch this year
 photo 2013-9pumpkinpatch.jpg

Some baby geese in our yard this summer 🙂
 photo 2013-5feedingbabygeese.jpg

Fall Harvest Blog Train

I had so much fun with the SNP blog train this month and wound up making a pretty large kit with the colors and theme.  If you were a part of my speed scrap last Tuesday you got the first part of the kit (featuring apples).  Today I’m offering here the pumpkin and corn portion of the kit.

Don’t forget to check out my Facebook page next Tuesday for the cardstocks and craft papers.
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So here’s the blog train portion of this cool fall kit

sorry link expired

Here’s a sample page using mostly pieces from my blog train portion as well as a few from the newsletter and speed scrap portions:

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Animals in Fall Storytime

A few weeks ago, I did a storytime about animals getting ready for winter and am just now getting around to sharing the feltboard, activity, and craft that were a part of the storytime.

We read the story Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri.

After the story I had the kids close their eyes while I hid a ton of paper acorns around the room.  I have learned that if I hide them before class, they find everything while they are waiting for storytime to start and I wind up having to re-hide everything again.  So now I just do it quickly right before the activity.
I explained that we were going to search around for acorns just like the busy little squirrel and then hide them in our tree.  I made a paper tree trunk with a large hole cut in it where the children could ‘store’ their acorns.

Later we read the book Time to Sleep by Denise Flemming and I had a felt board to go with it.  It was a really small group the week I did this program so I had the kids each bring up an animal as we read the story.

At the end I had a fun little craft.  The last book I read was Sleepy Bear by Lydia Dabcovich and I had a cute little craft to go with it.
Everyone got a pre-cut cave and sleeping bear.  They glued the bears in the caves and added some tissue paper leaves to make a bed.  Then I passed out cotton stuffing to make snow on top of the cave.  They turned out so cute!  There were also crayons available so they could add any extra details they wanted.

On to my late submission of m Holiday Extravaganza Felt board.  But better late then never I guess…

I based my felt board on the book Ten Little Christmas Presents by Jean Marzollo.  I just leave off the “Christmas” part when I do the story and make it about just presents in general.

There are a TON of pieces for this feltboard, but it’s not too hard to do.  I have everything arranged ahead of time.  Cover up each gift with the appropriate present box.  As each animal receives their gifts, I lift up the present to find the gift underneath and put it on the felt animal.

Sorry about the flash 😦   but here you can see all the pieces laid out together.  On the felt board I line up the presents in two rows, then add the animals next to their gift as they come up in the story.

You can find the rest of the Flannel Friday roundup over at Liz’s blog later today.

Yay for Hayrides!

We’ve been talking about it all season, but yesterday the girls and I finally made it to a hayride.  We loved it.  It was a crazy muddy mess and so bumpy that at one point Fi hit her head really hard on the bars that were meant to hold us in.  It’s a good thing they were there, despite the damage they could potentially do to riders’ heads, because it was the bumpiest hay ride I have ever been on.  At one point we looked behind us and saw tire tracks that were at least a foot and a half deep in the mud.  The tractor (which had wheels taller than Fi) was really struggling to pull us through.

I just love fall, it’s definitely my favorite season, there are so many fun things to do.  It’s been kind of a rainy fall this year, but we’ve had a few beautiful days to enjoy at least.

Blustery Fall Storytime

I actually did my fall storytimes last week, but wanted to post my Halloween feltboards to share with everyone so they could make them for their own Halloween storytimes.  So I am now sharing my fall stories. 🙂

I began my storytime with a feltboard about leaves.  I invited the children to count down on their fingers along with me as I sang the song.

Five Little Leaves
(to the tune of “5 Little Ducks Went Out to Play”)

5 little leaves, so happy to play,
were dancing about on a tree one day.
The wind came blowing through the town,
And one little leaf came tumbling down.

Continue with 4, 3, 2, and 1 little leaves.

–Poem from an index card in our storytime collection at the library

One of the stories I read was When the Leaf Blew In by Steve Metzger which I made into a feltboard.  I thought it would be a great story to read while having the children bring up the felt pieces to put on the board.  I passed out felt pieces before reading the story and instructed children to hold onto the piece until it came up in the book.

Later on in storytime I read another book by Steve Metzger entitled Going on a Leaf Hunt.  Before storytime began I hid small felt leaves all around the storytime room.  After reading this book I told the children that we would be going on our own leaf hunt in the storytime room.  I put up a bare felt tree and instructed children to look for 4 leaves each.  Once every one had their leaves I asked them to come up one at a time (I called names) to put their leaves on the tree.  At the end you have a beautiful fall tree.  I used different shades of reds, browns, oranges, and yellows to make it a spectacular looking tree.

With older crowds, I first put up different shades of green leaves on the tree, then after the children find their leaves they come up one at a time to remove a couple green leaves and put fall colored ones in their place.  This works best with an older and smaller preschool crowd.

This week I also had a craft at the end of storytime.  I passed out green leaves to each child and we talked about why they didn’t look like fall leaves.  I told them I would be passing out tissue paper in fall colors so they could make their summery-green leaf look like a colorful fall leaf.  Then I gave each child a glue stick and a small pile of tissue paper squares in fall colors.  The leaves each had a piece of yarn tied at the top so they could hang their pretty leaves up.  The kids loved this craft and they looked really pretty afterwards.  Some children decorated both sides while others just did one side.  For those brave enough to try it, adding a little gold glitter to the leaves after they have tissue paper would look really nice too.  But glitter can get super messy, so we tend to stick away from it at my library, when working with the little kids.My daughter Lexi working on her leaf in the toddler class.

Stop by Tracey’s blog later today to see all of this week’s Flannel Friday ideas.

Hiram Pumpkin Festival

This past weekend we met a co-worker of mine (the same who I planned the best birthday party ever with) and her two boys at the Hiram House Pumpkin Festival.  It’s a fun-filled day of rocket car rides, crafts, food, archery, pony rides, haunted houses, bouncy houses, candle making, and cookie decorating.  Needless to say it was an exciting day and despite the unusually warm weather and general insanity of traveling with 4 children between the ages of 2 and 6… we all had a great time.

Fi having a blast on the rocket car

The cookie Fi decorated

Lexi enjoys her cookie

Alexis was especially excited about riding the school bus (which drives you from where you park your car to the festival) and pony rides.  She was talking about these two exciting events all morning and in the car all the way there.  She’s ridden on a school bus one other time when we took it to Fiona’s school for open house.  She loved it so much that now every morning when she sees Fiona get on the bus to go to school she tries to sneak on too.

We began our day with pony rides where there was actually a mule to ride!  Fiona didn’t want to ride him, for some reason, maybe because he was too goofy looking.  Alexis tried, but I think she felt like she was too high up.  Unfortunately for Alexis all the ponies at the pony ride were pretty much horses.  She tried three different times and was too nervous.  It was too bad since she was really looking forward to riding a pony

We tried the haunted hay maze, but poor Fiona was completely petrified.  I had to carry her through it and she was screaming and shaking.  One of those situations where you ask the teenaged boy out front if it’s really scary and he says it’s not.  I really was pretty scary, even I jumped a few times when someone dressed like the scary guy in Scream comes jumping out at us from a dark corner while screaming. Somehow, we made it through and were able to enjoy the rest of the day.

The only other mishap took place during the rocket car ride when Lexi dropped the purple bear she picked up at one of the booths.  The rocket car was speeding down an awesome hill and suddenly the bear popped out of her hands, hit my mom in the head behind us, and fell down to the street.  Lexi was so upset.  The amazing thing, though is that on the drive home we found it laying in the street!  Now it’s our ‘Miracle Bear.’

And my scrapbook pages for the fun event…

Fall is for Apples… Apples… Apples!

Yay for fall!  I began my series of fall storytimes this week.  I started with apples, will do general fall stories in two weeks, and then do animals in fall a couple weeks later.  Fall is my favorite time of year and to get in the spirit at the library I also put up our fall bulletin board this week.


This feltboard is based on the book Ten Red Apples by Virginia Miller.  This is a great counting book for your younger storytime children.

When I have a small enough crowd I have the children bring up the apples, the basket and the pie and place them on or around the tree.  With a larger group, or if they are too young, you can place the items yourself.

I also used the following poem:

Juicy Red Apples

Juicy red apples
Hanging from the trees
yummy in my tummy
Bring me some please.
Sweet yellow apples
Hanging from the trees
Yummy in my tummy
Bring me some please.
Tart green apples
Hanging from the trees
Yummy in my tummy
Bring me some please.
                   –from Susan Dailey’s page
I made some simple apples in red, green, and yellow and hid them around the story time room before the kids arrived.  When we got to this section of storytime I put up my bare tree (which I will also be using for my fall storytimes-the tree is about 20 inches tall) and asked the kids to look around for apples.  I asked them to pick 3 each,  that way they could  get one of each color if they wanted to.  Once everyone had their apples and had sat back down, I began reading the poem and asked the children to come place their apples on the tree when they hear the color mentioned in the post.  By the end our tree was COVERED with apples and it looked great.  The kids had a great time searching for the apples and bringing them up.