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Flannel Friday ~ Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors

I did Spring stories this week for story time and made this new flannel story to go with the book Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors by Lisa McCue.  I also did a cute little flower poem with a silk scarf that I learned from when one of my girls used to go to Gymboree classes.

Ball a scarf inside your cupped hands and put them together.

This is a leaf, and this is a leaf
That you see makes two.
This is the bud that holds the flower
Watch it bloom for you.  (Slowly open up fingers while keeping base of palms still touching.  The silk scarf will bilow out and look like a flower opening up)

In this book Quiet Bunny is admiring all the colors he sees around him and wants to be those colors too.  He wishes he could be a sunny yellow color like the daffodils or bright blue like the blueberries.  As he is enjoying the many colors around him he keeps being covered by flowers or berry juice.  In the end he realizes (with the help of a wise old owl-of course!) that the reason the forrest around him is so beautiful is because there are so many different colors.

This book would also work well with colors and rabbits of course as well as liking yourself for who you are
All the peices, I made one white bunny and then a daffodil and lily pad coat for him to wear, the blue and red bunnies were just painted.

The bunny wears yellow daffodils after admering all the yellow around him (thanks to Miss Elizabeth for making the pretty dandelions as I was going crazy trying to make them look decent with paint, and in the end  since they were so small just cutting jagged edges worked the best!)

The bunny wears green lily pads when he wants to be gree.

The bunny covered in blueberry juice to be blue

the bunny covered in mud to be red

Flannel Friday Color Themed Sets

There’s not much more exciting to my children’s librarian persona than a huge pile of fletboard pieces.  Although my co-workers would probably disagree and say that pretty much anything gets me really excited, making decorations, planning a cool program, being at work in general…  But I really do love feltboards.  The set I want to share with everyone today is one that I’ve been working on for a while now.  Just a piece here or there in between other projects.  My supervisor had approached me with the project several months ago that it would be fun to have sets of felt boards that are all in the same colors.  So for instance on Valentine’s Day we could easily discuss other objects that are red or pink, or for Halloween we could look at other orange items.  Or you could take out just the food items or animals of all different colors for story times on those themes.  Basically they could be used to fit in with all different kinds of storytimes and it would be easier than searching through all the felt board stories for just the orange objects or just animals.  So here’s everything together.  Such a nice site 🙂

And all the peices organized by color…

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I would love suggestions for other objects to add to the sets, especially the purple, gray, and orange, maybe blue too.  Feel free to make a comment and suggest any other animals, foods, etc… 🙂

Mollie has the round up which you can find HERE on her blog later today.

Color Theme Storytime

This week my storytime theme was colors and we used the following feltboards for my storytimes.

To begin storytime I started with a simple counting poem.  You can have the children counting off on their fingers along with you as you do the poem.

I hot glued string to the backs of the balloons.

Five Little Balloons

5 little balloons, I wish I had more!
The red one floats away, and then there are 4.
4 little balloons, pretty as can be.
The blue one floats away, and then there are 3.
3 little balloons, only a few.
the yellow one floats away, and then there are 2.
2 little balloons, they are so much fun.
the green one floats away, and then there is 1.
1 little balloons, the last one for me.
The purple one floats away. Now I’m as sad as can be.

–from a postcard in our library collection of rhymes and fingerplays

I also made a felt board for one of my new favorite books.  Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin.

Recently, a couple of us read this book at the local elementary school to promote library card week.  We played the audio version of the book (we also used Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes– which we made up movements for) and the kids LOVED it.

The second picture of shoes shows colors that were not in the original story.  I thought it would be fun to make shoes in different colors and have the kids suggest ideas as to what Pete might have stepped in to turn his shoes yellow, pink or green.

I also used the book Mary Wore Her Red Dress adapted by Merle Peek.

The patterns for this story came from the book 2’s Experience Stories by Liz and Dick Wilmes.  All details were added with fabric paint and I used a cute pompom on the party hat.

Wow! Said the Owl — Feltboard

This week my storytime theme was birds.  I love this book Wow! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood and it works great for birds, colors, or bedtime stories.  It’s also a great storytime read as the phrase “Wow! said the owl” is repeated throughout the book and the kids love to chime in.

Wow! Said the Owl

The beginning scene in the book shows the owl in his tree at night.

This is a large piece of black felt that has the tree and moon glued to it, the whole piece sticks to the feltboard.  The opposite side shows the last scene from the book.  For the next scene simply remove the owl and place him in a new tree.  I found after my first sorytime that it was easier to make several trees and glue them to the scenes instead of having to move them around with the owl.

The owl in his tree with the pink morning sky.

Ok this next picture (with the pink sky) is where you do need to have a removable tree.  This tree has brown leaves on one side and green on the other.  This way once the owl notices his leaves are green in the book, you can quickly flip over the tree and put the owl back in.

The next series of photos shows the different colored objects the owl notices during the day.  Red butterflies, orange flowers, white clouds (which turn gray and rain) and a beautiful rainbow.



The last scene in the book is the reason I really wanted to make this into a felt board.  I thought it was so beautiful and pictured using star sequins and got really excited.  So this is the reverse of the original black felt piece used at the beginning of the story.

The kids LOVED this story, but I do definitely recommend practicing it before hand as there are a lot of parts to this one.