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The Felt Forest

I’m really excited to share a project I’ve been working on with my friend Vicki, the photographer behind the lovely Jerney Studios photos I’ve shared in the past.  She asked me to help her design a fun and different backdrop as well as some scenery for an exciting idea she had for a forest-y kind of setting.  We had a blast making a cool felt tree with vines and some assorted plants, as well as an awesome looking tree stump for kids to sit on.

Here’s her information about an upcoming photo shoot she will be having in March.  If you live in the Cleveland area, this will be a super fun photo shoot to attend:

What is “The Felt Forest”?

I was wanting to do something new, something different photographically and that is when I became inspired by a project that Jim had worked on. It was an interactive touch display that featured a jungle/forest theme. But in order to bring this vision to reality, I turned toward my friend Meghan. She has done some beautiful work with felt and I knew she could help bring this to life. With Meghan’s help, we molded the felt into what you see here. A FELT FOREST!

What’s happening?

On Saturday, March 24, 2012, we’ll be setting up the forest for a fun day of picture taking! You’re invited to register for a half-hour shoot then immediately select your image(s)!

What you need to know.

To make a reservation for this one day event, give me a call at 330-203-8374 or email me at vicki@jerneystudios. Click here for more information on the event and packages.

And here’s a another cute one of Lexi that I want to share with you as well, where you can really see the tree stump, I also love the filter on this photo 🙂

Jerney Studios Photography

Today, I want to share with you all about my very talented friend Vicki who is a photographer.  She does senior portraits, children, families, holiday, everyday, corporate, and school photos for day cares.  Her photos are wonderful and she is so easy and fun(!) to work with and will do her best to accommodate your vision as well as share her own fantastic ideas for taking your pictures.

This past summer, I asked Vicki to take some pictures of my girls and wanted to use our beach as the setting.  I’d seen this awesome photo of pelicans landing on a baby grand that someone had placed in a river in a National Geographic Magazine and loved it.  So I wanted to do something with our toy piano at the beach.

Vicki got some fantastic photos I was so pleased with all of them and it was incredibly hard narrowing down which ones to get.
You can check out her facebook page HERE and her website at http://jerneystudios.com/

If you’re in the Cleveland area and are looking for a personal or business photographer I highly recommend Vicki!

Of course I had to make some scrapbook pages with her photos. 🙂