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Just Us November by Wendy Tunison Designs

November, the month between October’s autumnal kiss and December’s bitter cold.  It’s sweater weather and leaves crunching on frosty mornings.  It’s family get togethers and evenings curled up in front of the fire.  There’s shopping to do and meals to prepare.  There’s laughter and love and hometown football games.  It’s a month full of activity that brings us closer to the ones we love and fills our memory jars with years of remembrances.  It’s the season’s last grasp at color before the world is blanketed in white.  So tuck into Just Us {November} by Wendy Tunison Designs,  filled with warm colors and soft textures to celebrate the warmth of November the whole year through.

Wt_JUNov_full copy

Wt_JUNov_alpha copyWt_JUNov_pp copy

Wendy has also cooked up some extra pieces to go with it!

Wt_JUNov_exal copyWt_JUNov_exell copy
Wt_JUNov_expp copyWt_JUNov_Lingo copy

If you want it all, she’s bundled it all up into a fabulously priced bundle!

Wt_JUNov_bundle copy

I bet you can’t wait to see what our creative team has done with this kit!


Have a great day!

And here are my sample layouts made with this fun kit!
The girls with their pumpkins from our pumpkin patch this year
 photo 2013-9pumpkinpatch.jpg

Some baby geese in our yard this summer 🙂
 photo 2013-5feedingbabygeese.jpg

Thanksgiving Stories and Giveaway Announcement

First, I want to make a special announcement.  On the Dec. 2 Flannel Friday (Holiday Extravaganza!) post in addition to a holiday feltboard post, I will also have a giveaway feltboard.  Anyone who posts a comment on the Dec. 2 Flannel Friday post will be entered in a drawing for the feltboard.  It won’t be a holiday themed set, so you will be able to use it any time of the year.  But it’s pretty cool and it has a cool 3D element!  So remember to stop back for the Dec. 2 Flannel Friday to enter the drawing.  Winners will be announced the next day Dec. 3 and I will also email the winner so that I can mail out your feltboard as soon as possible! 🙂

I won’t be doing my Thanksgiving story time until next week (other than my Thursday class unfortunately…), but will share what I plan to do next week with everyone now.  🙂

First my usual counting poem:

Five Little Turkeys

Five little turkeys by the barn door, One waddled off, then there were four.
Four little turkeys out under the tree, One waddled off, then there were three. Three little turkeys with nothing to do, One waddled off, then there were two. Two little turkeys in the noonday sun, One waddled off, then there was one.
One little turkey – better run away! Soon will
– from http://www.theideabox.com/Five_Little_Turkeys_%28fingerplay%29.html

The next Thanksgiving feltboard is all about yummy Thanksgiving food!

If I knew You Were Coming!

If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a pie
Baked a pie, baked a pie.
If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a pie.
Howdy-do, Howdy-do, Howdy-do.   (pretend to put pie in oven)

Squished the squash…  (clap hands together back and forth)
Kneaded some bread…  (make kneading motion)
Poured the milk…  (pretend to pour milk)
Mashed the potatoes…  (mash fists together)
Stuffed the turkey… (push hand out palm facing away)
Chopped the lettuces…  (make chopping motion)

–I photocopied this pattern from a book a while back and didn’t notate where it was from!  It looks like a Liz and Dick Wilmes book.

I used a cotton ball for the whipped topping 🙂

I also love this song!

The Turkey Dance
(To the tune of “Turkey in the Straw”)

Oh, you turkey to the left (2 side steps to the left)
And you turkey to the right (2 step to the right)
You heel and toe and toe (put heel to floor than toe of one foot)
And you scratch with all your might, (scratch foot on floor)
Then you flap your turkey wings while your head goes wobble wobble.
(flap arms and bob head up and down)

You turn around and then you say “Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!”  (turn around)
          — from: http://www.preschooleducation.com/gthanksgiving.shtml

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

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