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It’s a Jungle Out There Storytime

This week, our story time theme was Wild Animals.

I began storytime with a cute poem:

Here comes the elephant,
Crash! Crash! Crash!  stomp feet
Here comes the cheetah,
Dash! Dash! Dash!  run in place
Here comes the monkey,
Swing Swing Swing  wave arms over head
Here comes the lion,
He’s the KING!   ROAR!!!!
-from a storytime index card at the library

Our first felt board went with a song:
Old Mac Donald Had a Jungle (I read it as a Zoo since not all the animals live in the jungle some are on African Plains)
Old Mac Donald had a zoo.  EIEIO
And in that zoo he had a monkey.  EIEIO
With an EEEEEE here, and an EEEEE there,
Here and EEEEEE, there and EEEEEE,
Everywhere an EEEEE, EEEEE
Old Mack Donald had a zoo, EIEIO

elephant….stomp stomp
crocodile…. snap snap
lion…. roar roar
tiger….growl growl
zebra… bray bray
rhino…. grunt grunt
giraffe…. munch munch
hippo…. splash splash
snake…. hiss hiss
ostrich…. flap flap
-idea given to me by fellow librarian at work (she also made the cute little snake felt piece!)

I love the felt I found to make the elephant and the Rhino.  It was this pack of recycled felt at Micheals and the gray was a cool ridged material.  Perfect for bumpy skinned animals!  We put some animals together from an assortment of animal felt boards I had already made for this song.

Later during storytime my felt board book was One Day in the Jungle by Colin West.

It’s a chain of event stories that begins with a sneeze (as many good chain of even stories do!) that spreads from animal to animal until at the end the elephant gives a mighty sneeze and blows away the jungle.  The kids had a great chuckle at this one.  It was a cute story.