Designer Darling Round 4 Freebie

Round 4 of the Designer Darling challenge at STS was one of the most difficult so far, for two reasons.  First of all we could only use our own CU items, this means I had to scan all my own textures, paper patterns, and my own elements (by scanning or creating on Photoshop-using only the shapes and brushes included with Photoshop-no added styles, shapes, brushes, etc).  I have a pretty good stash of commercial use items that I’ve scanned and extracted already, but very few textures and paper patterns.

Also my computer crashed the day we got our assignments for this round and my husband had to completely rebuild the computer and re-install everything. This did, fortunately, make it easy to determine which brushes, styles, shapes, etc were those included with photoshop all my added ones were lost in the re-build!  I just had Tuesday and Monday night to work on this kit.  It’s one of the fastest kits I have made, but despite all the insanity surrounding making this kit, I’m super happy with how it turned out!

I was inspired by a commercial I saw during the Oscars (so it was fortuitous that my computer died and I was forced to watch TV for a change!)  Anyhow the commercial was of women wearing pretty dresses and sitting in trees – I have no idea what they were trying to sell, but I thought it was a very lovely visual image.  So I started thinking about tree bark texture and butterflies, and pretty things against the greens and browns of nature.  And I’m really happy with the result.  I’d like to add on to this kit with my CU stash and make it a full sized kit someday!

You can grab this mini kit from the STS challenge forum if you click on the preview.  Also be sure to stop back by my blog once voting starts to grab an add on freebie 🙂
 photo BCMD_NB_preview.jpg


8 responses to “Designer Darling Round 4 Freebie

  1. Hello and thanks for sharing. I have logged on to the forum but I can’t find your kit or the download link.
    Please tell me how to find you on the the forum.

    • If you click on the preview of the kit it will take you right where you need to go I the forum. Enjoy!

      • Thank you. It did not take me to your post. I signed in but what xo i do next

      • I’m not sure why it’s not working for you. When I click on the preview it takes me right to the thread where you can download the kit. I’m not sure what else to suggest.
        try just going to the STS forum and then click on “Challenges to get you scrapping stuff” and then click on “Scrapping Stuff Challenges” and then click on “Special Events” and then click on “Designer Darling” and then click on “Round 4” and then click on “Instructions and Submissions” and I think I”m on like page 3. That’s why it’s just easier to click on the preview and go directly to the kit. I have no idea why it’s not working for you. What happens when you do click on it? It seems to be working ok for others. You do have to be logged in to the forum in order for the link to work. But if you log in with a sperate browser window and then click on the preview in this post it should work. If you’re trying to access the link to the forum without being logged in it will ask you to log in but then it should take you to the correct thread in the forum once you do. Hope this helps

      • This just isn”t working. Did everything you suggested but it keeps sending me back to the log in page. I login and follow your links but get sent back to the.log in page. Thanks for responding and trying to help.

      • I would try contacting and explaining that you can’t access any of the forums. I don’t think there is anything more I can do. It sounds like it’s just not letting you in, and that may be to prevent people from making accounts and posting spam type stuff, I don’t know if you only just registered or if you have posted anything in the forum yet, but it might be something like that if you are brand new to the forum.

      • Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to help me. I am new, since yesterday and I”ve never posted. Not a real designer but I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you guys do and so grateful that you all share your awesome talent and hard work. Thanks again.

      • Sure, no problem 🙂 I feel bad that it’s not working for you, but I’m betting it has to do with being a new forum member then. The links for the kit and mini will be up for a few more days. If you can’t access them before I take them down let me know 🙂

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