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The Great Geauga County Fair

Every year we end off our summer by going to the Geauga County Fair.  I’ve been going since I was Fiona’s age or younger and it was always so much fun as a kid.  I rode an elephant there, rode a countless number of ponies, and enjoyed all the fantastic food that county fairs have to offer.

Fiona looks forward to going every year now too, and for the first time this years trip really involved Alexis.  Last year she had only just turned 1, so now at just 2 years old she really got into the fair atmosphere more. She really enjoyed a funnel cake (how could you not?), seeing and petting all the animals, and did her first pony ride after watching Fiona have a turn.  Lexi was all smiles during the pony ride, and I foresee many more pony rides in her future. 🙂

Fiona tried her luck at a few games and won a very tiny-little purple dolphin after taking about 5 separate turns.  I guess it’s all about the fun… Fiona also rode the kiddie ferris wheel for the first time, and she loved it.  She also tried the kiddie roller coaster but thought it was to jarring.  I was just so proud of her for trying, she tends to be a more hesitant and cautious child, so the fact that she actually did these two rides was amazing.  I was so proud of her.

Both girls enjoyed the merry-go-round, as did I since I had to go with Lexi since she’s so small still.

And here are a couple scrapbook pages featuring our trip to the fair…