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Toddlers, and Paint, and Dogs (Oh MY!)

My 2 year old, Alexis, has been really into painting lately.  We have the easel set up on the back porch, which has a tile floor so the clean up is relativity easy.  We have a great easel.  It’s one of those Melissa and Doug easels that my older daughter got for her 2nd birthday.  It’s seen a LOT of use and is holding up well.  One side is a chalk board, and the other is a white board that also has paper you can roll down for painting.  I have to say that some really great art work has been made on this easel over the years.  We have such masterpieces as “Large Blue Blob,” “Red Runny Rampage,” and “Grandma’s Cat Miss Kitty.”  I love all of them.

So, Alexis was interested in painting the other day and I got her all set up with her lovingly-made-by-grandma smock and her brushes and paint.  We rolled out a fresh sheet of paper and she immediately got busy.  I decided that this would probably be a good time to finally go to the bathroom and left her to her masterpiece.  As soon as I got to the bathroom I heard Lexi laughing maniacally.  “Great,” I thought, “She’s putting hand prints on the sliding glass door.”  I raced back to the kitchen and saw our dog Puck coming in off the back porch.  Right away I noticed his new look.  Puck had blue spots all over his body.  On the tip of his tail, all over his back and sides, and even on his head right above his eyes.

Puck with his new spots




The artist and her 'canvas'


I have to say here, that despite some of his short comings- needs 5,000 potty breaks a day and eats anything not tied down- he’s a great dog with the girls.  Lexi has been discovered standing beside Puck and sharing his dog food.  I also found her dipping tortilla chips into his water bowl and then eating them.  Seriously, Lex?!??!?!  The girls climb over him, chase him, and give him huge hugs.  And he puts up with all of it with a goofy doggy smile on his face.

Of course I had to scrapbook this event 🙂