Are You a Harry Potter Fan?

My oldest daughter is a huge Harry Potter fan.  She recently visited a Harry Potter festival near us and came home very excited about the whole experience and in particular all the people selling wizarding themed crafts at the festival.  We are big crafters here and she thought it might be fun to be one of the sellers next year at the festival.

So we’ve been busy crafting and while we wait until next year’s festival we decided to open up an Etsy shop where you can find all of the wonderful wizarding world themed items we have been working on.

Our store address is:

Our store is called Smuggles for Muggles.  Many of us love the world of Harry Potter and all the super cool items those wizards get to use.  At Smuggles for Muggles we’ve smuggled out some wonderful animals and magical objects from the wizarding world and are making them available for you.

This is truly a family effort and I love that we are all working on this together, from my youngest, age 9, who is making cards (which we’ll have at our store soon), to my oldest daughter, age 13, who made the botruckles and also helped me make the flying key items, to my husband who is helping me figure out some electronic items that we will soon have at our store.  My husband also came up with the wonderful name for our store!

I’ve loved working with my family on this project and hope you will take a moment to take a peek at our store.  If you do find something you like please use our store opening coupon for 20% off:


The coupon will be good until December 31, 2018.

Take a look at what we have to offer at this point.  We are continuing to work on more items to add to the store.  So be sure to favorite our store so you receive notifications of any new items added.

Mousescrappers Blog Train

This is my first time doing the Mousescrappers blog train!  I have a cute little Tinkerbell themed kit for you to download here.  Just click on the preview to download the folders from dropbox.  Mine is up a little early as I’ll be busy tomorrow morning (when the blog train officially starts), so if the other blogs don’t have their parts posted yet, just try back later.




Here are all the stops on the blog train:

Chef Minnie Mouse:
Megvill: <— you are here

Planning a Disney Trip?

When my girls and I have visited Disney World one of our favorite things to do is collect autographs from the characters.  We love tracking down all their favorite characters, chatting with them, and then getting that special autograph.

I’ve started an Etsy store with beautiful pages for all the characters you might encounter in the Disney World parks or character meals.

The characters my girls met LOVED these pages and people standing in line with us to meet characters kept asking where I’d gotten the books from and remarked at how pretty they were.  Even the photographers working with the characters wanted to take a moment to flip through my girls’ books.  They were a huge hit!

We had many fun moments with characters such as,

Gaston flipped through the entire book and said each of the pages should be of him.
Flynn Rider made fun of the “frog” on Rapunzel’s signature spot.
Mary Poppins launched into a story about outings with Bert and flying kites.
Pocahontas told my girls a story about a canoe race with Meeko the raccoon.
Ariel loved pointing out the dinglehopper and the little fish on her page.
Captain Jack Sparrow launched into a long rant about having his page opposite Scrooge Mc Duck and exclaimed “Whoever heard of a Scottish duck!”

Even the furry characters loved pointing to their likenesses on the pages.

The pages are all available as digital downloads, in either 5×7 or 8×8 inches, which you can then print individually on your printer from home or at any photo printing site.  Or you can upload your pages to places like Shutterfly or Wallmart to have your pages bound into books.

You can build your own book by selecting the just pages you want to add or purchase one of the premade collections which feature: princesses, favorite characters, animal friends, or princes/pirates/and space friends (Star Wars).

For my blog readers I have a 15% off coupon for your total purchase.  Enter coupon code 15OFF when you make your order.  Valid through July 31, 2017.

Princess set includes autograph page and photo page for the following:

Ariel with fin
Ariel with dress
Belle in the blue dress
Belle in the yellow dress
Snow White
Sofia the First

8×8 (not all princesses shown)


5×7 inches (not all princesses shown)


Animal Friends includes:

Chip and Dale together
King Louie – does not sign- only includes photo page
Lady and the Tramp — You can get their paw prints at Tony’s Town Square
Olaf-he’s not an animal but seems kind of like a pet??

8×8 (not all characters shown)


5×7 (not all characters shown):animal friends2animal friends3

The princes,  pirates, and space set includes the following characters:

Captain Hook- Can meet at Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage
Smee – Also at the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage

Beast – doesn’t sign, so just includes photo card, but you can get a photo with him after dinner at the Be Our Guest restaurant
Flynn Rider – New character breakfast being offered at Trattoria al Forno at Disney’s BoardWalk
Prince Charming – Meets at 1900 Park Fare Dinner at Grand Floridian
Prince Eric – Will also begin meeting at Trattorias

Kylo Ren
Storm Trooper
Darth Vader – Part of the Jedi Training Experience
Seventh sister – Part of the Jedi Training Experience
None of the Star Wars characters sign, so they only include a photo card, but they are very fun to interact with




The favorite characters set includes everyone else:

Baymax – Does not sign so only includes photo page
Buzz Lightyear
Doc Mc Stuffins
Fairy Godmother
Green Army Man
Handy Manny
Incredibles Dance Party – They dont sign, they only dance but you can dance with them and take some photos while dancing. Usually includes Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and Frozone
Lady Tremain
Mad Hatter – Meets with Alice at the Wonderland Tea Party at the Grand Floridian
Mary Poppins
Peter Pan
The whole Step Family Together (Anastasia, Drizella, Lady Tremain)
Tinker Bell

8×8 (not all characters shown)


5×7 (not all characters shown)

favorite friends1favorite friends3

I also have a set of covers that includes generic pages for any surprise characters you encounter.  We’ve randomly met Mushu, Bert, and the Evil Queen once at Hollywood Studios and came across Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee at Magic Kingdom!  So it’s handy to have these extra pages in case you encounter any special unannounced characters too!

This set includes:

Disney characters signing autograph books cover
Star Wars Cover
Princess cover
Princess cover option 2
Disney Cruise cover
Animal themed cover
Prince themed cover

8 sets of generic character pages which each include autograph and photo pages:
Villain themed
Villain themed version 2
Jungle themed
Princess themed
Princess themed version 2
Prince themed
Disney colors themed
Disney colors themed version 2



5×7 (not all shown)


If you’re looking for less fancy pages I do offer the 5×7 size with a slightly less embellished design.

These simpler 5×7 pages are offered in each of the packs:  princess, prince/pirate/space, animal friends, favorite characters, and the covers/extra pages.

Not all shown:

Finally, here is a sample printed and bound book using the 5×7 digital pages.  I had this one printed at Walmart.  I’ve also printed these pages in bound form from Shutterfly and as individual pages at Costco with no problems.  I did find that Walgreens and Snapfish seriously cropped the images when I wanted to print a book so I don’t recommend using them for bound books- I’m sure they would be fine for individually printed photos.


Adore by Shell Belle Scraps

Shel Belle Scraps has a pretty new Valentine’s Day themed kit as part of this month’s Bits n Pieces at Scraps in Pieces.  For the first week each part of her kit is just $1.


Here are my two sample pages.  They are photos from quite a while ago, but one’s I’d never scrapbooked.  I’m trying to go back and make sure I scrapbook some of these photos from before I started scrapbooking.  Hard to imagine a time before!



Change by Shel Belle Scraps

Shel Belle Scraps has a new kit available this month at Scraps n Pieces.    The kit is called “Change” and you can mix and match portions of this kit with the rest of the January Bits n Pieces kits.

We just got back from Disney and so I’m feverishly working my way through scrapping some of our thousands of photos from the trip to make our vacation book.

While we were at Animal Kingdom we passed some women inviting people to come up an play percussion instruments with the group while they sang.  Lexi and I jumped in and played along.  I realized later that I was the only adult in the group!  LOL, but we had a great time!  While Dan, Lexi and I rode the Dinosaur ride, my mom and Fiona went to meet Donald duck near the Dinosaur ride.  He loved the Marie shirt I’d made for her and her matching Marie hat.

You can pick up the parts of Shel Belle’s kit Change here:

elements:* ucts_id=13713

solid papers:* ucts_id=13712

papers: ucts_id=13711*


NGD template


Meagan’s Creations template


Change of Address by Shel Belle Scraps

Shel Belle has a new kit in the store at Scraps n Pieces called Change of Address.  You can pick it up here.


My two sample pages using this kit (the first one is dated wrong).  I just love the wood patterned background and the soft blue and greens together!



Simply Life by Wendy Tunison Designs

Sometimes life is messy. Sometimes life is fun. Sometimes life just does it’s own thing no matter what you want it to do. Simply Life is the same way…it’s messy and fun and you just never know what you’re going to find in this kit! It’s quirky and the color palette is fabulous and so versatile! You’ll love the bits of gold here and there too! You’re going to love playing with this huge kit full of all of life’s little bits and pieces!

The kit is 30% off through September 24th.


Be sure to check out the add ons. There are�eight of them�and all�of them are�30% off through September 24th.


If you like it all, there is a bundle available. For $15, it is a fabulous deal.


Here are my two layouts using this kit:

The first was from a trip this summer downtown.  The girls, my mom and I enjoyed exploring the beautiful old buildings and eating cupcakes at this fantastic cupcake place!

2015-7-11 the old arcade

The second layout was also from this summer when we went to the top of the Terminal Tower.  The girls loved it!

2015-7-18 terminal tower

Temptations col 42 by Wendy Tunison Designs

Are you looking for a fast and easy way to put a layout together? Wendy Tunison Designs has an awesome set of new templates available now. Temptations Vol. 42 contains four Unique Templates to delight you! This set has been quality checked and is ready for you to create with. It is on sale for $2.79, a thirty percent savings, through September 17th.

Sports Fan by Shel Belle Scraps

Shel Belle Scraps has a fun new sporty kit for the September Bits n Pieces at Scraps n Pieces.  Each pack is just $1 the first week.








Here are a couple pages I made using this kit:
 photo 2015-4-11 pine car derby.jpg

 photo 2015-8-11 bark in the park.jpg

She’s my Best Friend by Wendy Tunison Designs

You know who she is. She is the one who picks you up when you fall, all the time laughing till you both are in a puddle of giggles. She laughs with you and cries with you and can fight with you like no other. She can be next to you or a thousand miles away but the one thing you can count on…she is ALWAYS there for you. Your Best Friend. She’s My Best Friend from Wendy Tunison Designs is a kit for all ages. I see little girls in pj’s snuggled under the covers telling secrets or the two of you sitting with a glass of wine. You can talk for hours or sit in silence and just know each others’ thoughts. The colors, papers and element are stunning. Soft and bold at the same time. Get out there with your Bestie, that kindred spirit and have some fun, but don’t forget the photos and share those memories with those you love.

I’ve created some fabulous add ons for this kit as well!


Better yet…you can grab the full bundle and get it all!


Now I know you can’t wait to see the beautiful layouts our CT made with this kit!


Don’t forget to check out Scraps N’ Pieces by Lori & Heidi’s portion of this collab while you’re out shopping!


And if you’re looking for some fabulous templates to go with them, check these out from Queen Wild Scraps…


Have a great day!