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The Ledges

Today after school we all headed to a new Metroparks that recently opened to the public. We’ve been watching it being worked on for a while now and we were very excited when it opened up this past weekend. It was such a beautiful space. W hiked down a trail that lead throug some tall willowy plants of some sort. Then down into the woods where we found ourself surrounded by enormous moss covered rocks. It was so beautiful and mysterious feeling, so old world-y because of the moss, I guess.
The girls loved it. They were intrigued by how soft the moss was, just like an animal. I love watching them explore out in nature. It’s sad becauseit almost seems like a novelty today-being outside exploring in the woods. We do play outside pretty frequently, but other than going to the beach down the street, we tend to stick near our house. So when we do make a special trip to do something special outside, it’ such a great experience and you realize that connecting with nature is something you’ve been craving without realizing it.
I’m excited to go back a soon as possible. It was only a little over a mile trek, but the girls started to get a little tired. We are excited to go back again to explore a cave located there, but today we wee worried about Lexi getting to tired if we took the off shoot path back to the cave. Next time we’ll go straight to the cave. 🙂

And of course a fun scrapbook page 🙂