School Days by Shel Belle Scraps

It’s time to go back to school and Shel Belle Scraps has a wonderful kit to help you scrap those back to school layouts. It’s also a great early fall kit to scrap your everyday activities this time of year. You can grab each portion as part of the SNP Bits n Pieces for just $1 this first week!





Here are my sample pages:
 photo 2014-week34page1.jpg

 photo 2014-week34page2.jpg

She Sought Grace by Wendy Tunison Designs

It’s a whole new month at Scraps N’ Pieces and that means a whole new slew of goodies and a Bits N’ Pieces sale!  Who’s doing the happy dance right now?!

We’ll kick off the month with an awesome new collab called “S is for School” from our designers that will have you scrapping those back to school photos in no time at all!  You can buy the kit, the quick pages or get it all by purchasing the bundle!


They’ve also cooked up a fabulous new CU grab bag this month!  Imagine the possibilities with these graph papers!  Graph It will be 25% off the first week of September!


Be sure to stop in the forum and play along with out challenges and of course, you won’t want to miss out on the speed scraps and prizes for those speed scraps, right?!  After all, who wouldn’t want a prize for simply making a layout?!


Since it’s the first week of the month, you have to check out the Bits N’ Pieces collection!  It’s all about learning and each and every piece, and there are a lot of pieces this month, is just $1.00 during the first week of September!


Holy bananas, right?!  Here’s a closer look at what Wendy Tunison Designs has in the Bits N’ Pieces Sale…

She Sought Grace is all about spirituality.  It’s about connecting with our Heavenly Father and feeling His love for us.

Wt_SSG_BNP_alpha1 copy

Wt_SSG_BNP_alpha2 copy

Wt_SSG_BNP_e1 copy

Wt_SSG_BNP_e2 copy

Wt_SSG_BNP_e3 copy

Wt_SSG_BNP_pap1 copy

Wt_SSG_BNP_pap2 copy

Wt_SSG_Clusters copy

Wt_SSG_graf1 copy

Wt_SSG_graf2 copy

Wt_SSG_JC copy

Wt_SSG_Lingo1 copy

Wt_SSG_Lingo2 copy

Check out these gorgeous layouts from our creative team…


On top of all of that, Wendy is going to have a different special each week of September.  This first week, you can stock up on all of her templates up to Temptations Vol. 30!




Here are my sample layouts with this kit:

 photo 2014-8princesses.jpg

 photo elsieholle.jpg

Want to try out some of Wendy’s templates?  You can grab one by playing in the weekly challenge this week at SNP…


You can grab another by working on the 1st Template Challenge for September…


Don’t forget that today is the last day of the awesome Labor Day Weekend Sale!


Have a great day!

Labor Day sale at SNP!

Storewide sale at Scraps N Pieces this holiday weekend!  Who doesn’t like a little more bang for their buck?!  I know I do and at half price….you know I’m going shopping!  Whoot!


Temptations vol 33 by Wendy Tunison Designs

Wendy Tunison Designs has got a fantastic template set for you this week!  Temptations 33 is 30% off through August 28!


Check out the awesome layouts our creative team made with this set!


Did you love the layouts made with Sassifrass?  Go grab it and make some layouts of your own!  It’s 50% off this week!  Whoot!

Wt_Sassifrass_full_snp copy

Don’t forget to check out the Super Saturday Sale this week at SNP!  Wendy’s got 3 fabulous kits for just $2.00 each!


Have a great day!

Wendy Tunison Designs Tempatations Vol 32 Templates

It’s Wendy Tunison Designs’ turn to provide the free gift with purchase for SNP and that means you can get her newest release, Temptations Vol. 32, for free with a $10.00 purchase at SNP during the last two weeks of August!  Whoot!  It’s also 30% off through August 21st if you’d prefer to purchase it separately.

Wt_T32 copy

Check out the beautiful layouts our CT made with this set!


Wendy’s also got a fun kit on sale this week.  If you look above, you’ll see plenty of layouts made with Something To Chalk About.  It’s 50% off for the next week!


And coming to the Super Saturday Sale this weekend are these three fun kits!


Have a great day!

Wendy Tunison Designs Just Us July Add ons!

Last week Wendy Tunison Deisgns released Just Us {July}.


Don’t forget about all of the add ons!


Of course, there are 3 bundle options as well!


If you’re Canadian, there’s also this fabulous Canadian add on!


Wendy still didn’t feel like she’d made enough for this collection so she asked her facebook fans and creative team what else they’d like her to add and of course, she had to make two more add ons!  First of all, there’s an O Canada Quick Page pack!

WT_JU7_OC_qp copy

Take a look at the O Canada portion of this kit in action!


Canadian quick pages weren’t the only thing on your wish list so she also created this fun second add on!

WT_JU7_ao2 copy

Have a great day!

Just Us July by Wendy Tunison Designs

Just Us {July} from Wendy Tunison Designs is finally here!  This kit has been a long time in the works.  Wendy put it off over and over again because in her heart, it had to be perfect when it was finished.  She says, “America, the beautiful, land that I love.  I think I was born with red, white & blue in my veins.  From the time I was a little girl, I remember how the national anthem brought tears to my eyes.  As an adult, the 4th of July is my favorite holiday.  I love the home town parade and the barbecue and the fireworks.  But what I really love about it is spending time with my friends and family as we celebrate our independence.  I love seeing our town decked out in flags and red, white & blue.  I love the way everyone comes home to visit and I love the atmosphere.  There is something about the flags flying in the wind and the soldiers dressed in uniform passing out flags to the children that brings a tear to my eye.  I am so thankful to be blessed enough to live in this beautiful land.  I wanted to created a kit that encompassed the way I feel about this special holiday.  I hope you’ll fall in love with the old fashioned feel of this kit.”  Just Us {July} is 30% off during it’s introductory week.


You know Wendy had to create some add ons for this one, right?  Well, she just couldn’t stop!


There’s another country that celebrates big in July and that’s our northern neighbor (or should I say neighbour?), Canada!  So of course Wendy had to include something for them!  “Canada, my northern neighbor.  Oh how I loved researching for this kit and I learned so much about Canada.  I only hope that I did justice to this beautiful country and its inhabitants.  True North, Strong and Free rings loudly in my ears as I enjoy the grandeur of it’s mountains and rivers.  I found myself brought to tears by it’s history and the free spirited natives.  This, the homeland of my most favorite fictional character and some of my favorite poets.  A culture rich in tradition and patriotism.  I hope you’ll find this kit the perfect fit for all things Canadian.”


Of course, she made some add ons to this add on as well!


In addition to all of these fabulous pieces, our CT has put together another awesome assortment of quick pages for you!  Imagine all of their talent-laden pages ready for you to simply add your photos to!  Oh my!


Wendy has bundled this selection up into 3 different bundles for you.  If you just want the U.S.A. pieces, you’ll want to pick up this bundle…


Looking for just the Canadian pieces?  Grab this bundle…


Need to have it all?  Wendy’s got a killer deal for you on this bundle that includes everything!


I bet you want to see all of the A-MAZING layouts our creative team has made with these, don’t you?  Well, they definitely don’t disappoint!  Check these beauties out (click on the image to see a larger version)…


Don’t forget to pick up any Christmas kits you’ve had on your wish list as well because they are 60% off through the end of this month!


Have a great day!

I had so much fun with this kit and made quite a few pages:

 photo georgeonbike.jpg

 photo 30daysjulyright.jpg

 photo 30daysjulyleft.jpg

 photo 2014-week28page1.jpg

 photo 2014-week28page2.jpg