Sports Fan by Shel Belle Scraps

Shel Belle Scraps has a fun new sporty kit for the September Bits n Pieces at Scraps n Pieces.  Each pack is just $1 the first week.








Here are a couple pages I made using this kit:
 photo 2015-4-11 pine car derby.jpg

 photo 2015-8-11 bark in the park.jpg


She’s my Best Friend by Wendy Tunison Designs

You know who she is. She is the one who picks you up when you fall, all the time laughing till you both are in a puddle of giggles. She laughs with you and cries with you and can fight with you like no other. She can be next to you or a thousand miles away but the one thing you can count on…she is ALWAYS there for you. Your Best Friend. She’s My Best Friend from Wendy Tunison Designs is a kit for all ages. I see little girls in pj’s snuggled under the covers telling secrets or the two of you sitting with a glass of wine. You can talk for hours or sit in silence and just know each others’ thoughts. The colors, papers and element are stunning. Soft and bold at the same time. Get out there with your Bestie, that kindred spirit and have some fun, but don’t forget the photos and share those memories with those you love.

I’ve created some fabulous add ons for this kit as well!


Better yet…you can grab the full bundle and get it all!


Now I know you can’t wait to see the beautiful layouts our CT made with this kit!


Don’t forget to check out Scraps N’ Pieces by Lori & Heidi’s portion of this collab while you’re out shopping!


And if you’re looking for some fabulous templates to go with them, check these out from Queen Wild Scraps…


Have a great day!


february at SNP and Sweet on you BNP by Shel Belle Scraps

Shel Belle has a new set of kits for the February BNP called Sweet on You.  This is a fun kit with super cute candy elements and lots of love!

shel_SOY_paperpreview shel_SOY_bonuspaperpreview shel_SOY_cardpreview shel_SOY_elementspreview

Here are my two sample pages using the above kit:

2014-9 disney goofy candy 2013-7 tea party

And now some news from the designers at SNP:

Love is in the air! Can you smell it? I can. You know, it’s a cross between chocolate and rose petals. Over a Scraps N Pieces (SNP), we are feeling the love for our members for sure. We have some beautiful stuff for you this month.

Always trying to get the best photo and loves to show it off to the world. Two qualities that best describe scrapbookers and the paparazzi. Check out the newest collab kit by the designers at SNP, Papparazzi. Be sure to snatch this up and post your layout in the Collab Kit forum challenge.

Here’s a look the collab kit as well as a closer look at what it includes (images linked to store).


Or grab the bundle that include the quick pages.
The color palette for February’s Bits N Pieces is so bright and sweet like candy hearts. And there are some fun products on sale this month, each for just $1 through February 7. Be sure to snatch them up and post your layout in the BNP forum challenge. Click here for the BNP Category in the store.
It’s a short month remember, so be sure to squeeze in some time for a speed scrap or two.

Temptations vol 41 by Wendy Tunison Designs

Wendy Tunison Designs has got a fabulous new set of templates for you this week that will make creating new layouts fast and easy!  Temptations 41 is 30% off during its introductory week!


Check out the most amazing layouts our creative team made with this set and Pride and Prejudice

T41a T41b T41c T41d T41e T41f T41g

You can also pick up Pride & Prejudice for 50% off through the end of the month!

Have a great day!

January BNP Winter Wishes by Shel Belle Scraps

Shel Belle Scraps has a beautiful new winter kit called Winter Wishes that coordinates with all of the BNP kits for this month at Scraps n Pieces.  They are each $1 the first month

shel_WW_bonuspreview shel_WW_cardpreview shel_WW_elementspreview shel_WW_paperpreview shel_WW_paintpreview


here are my two sample pages with this kit 🙂

 photo 2014-12santaatgardens.jpg

 photo 2013-1disneyonice.jpg

January BNP She Felt Sad by Wendy Tunison Designs

Hello 2015 and welcome to a new year at Scraps N Pieces!
Let’s get right to it.  It’s a long post, so be sure to scroll ALL the way through it.  Enjoy!
The SNP Designers were busy putting together a new store collab kit for you called Rise and Shine.  Grab the kit or the bundle (includes the quickpages). Use the collab kit to earn forum challenge points by posting a layout in the Collab Kit Challenge.

The Bits N Pieces color palette this month was so soft and pretty and the theme was Winter, perfect for January.

Remember, each of the product pieces sold are only $1 each the first week, through the 7th.  After that, the designers can bundle them up, and they’re set at regular price.  Use any of these pieces to earn forum challenge points by posting a layout in the BNP Challenge.

Here’s a look at what Wendy Tunison Designs has in the sale this month!
Take a look at the beautiful layouts our creative team was able to make with this collection!


Here’s a look at what all of the designers have to offer this month!

Whew…that was a lot, huh?  Bet you can’t wait to snatch them all up and start on your layouts. ***** Take a break from the downloading and unzipping of new stuff, and join us for a speed scrap this month.

***** Be sure to check out a couple new challenges in the forum:

Featured Designer Challenge Each month, there will be 3 designers featured. Each designer will have her shop on sale for 1 week during the month. Your challenge is to create 1-3 layouts using the 3 featured designers kits. You may use products from all 3 designers on one layout, or you can do up to 3 layouts, one from each designer.
P12 Challenge Last year, we hosted a P52 challenge with weekly prompts.  This year, your project will only require you to post one layout per month with prompts (and maybe some freebies) from the hosting designer. *****

Head on over to the Scraps N Pieces blog starting January 1 (and bookmark it too). Set yourself a reminder because you will not want to miss the Pick Up The Pieces (Download A Day).  Each piece will be available for 24 hours starting on January 1st through January 31st.  On February 1st, the kits that were given away in January will be available for sale if you want to just purchase them. Then, in February, use the pieces you picked up to scrapbook a layout for our Scrap The Pieces challenge in our forum and earn points towards FREE STUFF!


Christmas + Instagram

I’ve been doing quite a few photo related crafts at home recently and wanted to share some fun ideas with everyone!  I recently printed out a ton of instagram photos through printstagram in their 2 inch square size.

To start with I made a cute little felt wreath and added our family photos (pets included!) along with a few cute flowers.  There is a wire frame attached to the back to keep the wreath from folding in on itself.  I cut a basic felt wreath shape for the base, then cut tons of green folly leaves in a variety of green colors and hot glued it all together.  I used glue dots to secure the photos as I didn’t want the heat from the glue gun to damage the photos.  My youngest daughter had such a fun time gluing the flowers on to the wreath 🙂



To match the wreath, I also made a garland for my tree.  I used about 120 of the 2 inch square photos spaced about 2 inches apart on a long strand of burlap ribbon.  This only made it about half way down our tree so I’m definitely going to be ordering more photos so I can finish off the job!  I really love how this project turned out and it was really fun looking back through all my old instagram photos and picking special memories to add to my garland.

This was one of the simplest projects to complete!  I attached 2 glue dots to each photo, one on either side of the photo in the center and then simply pressed the photo onto the burlap ribbon.

I think this might be something I’d even like to display during the rest of the year somewhere in my house 🙂


garland close


The full effect on the tree.  We have some large kiddish ornaments, but on a tree with a simpler decoration theme (our theme is young child!) I think the garland would stand out beautifully 🙂