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Are You a Harry Potter Fan?

My oldest daughter is a huge Harry Potter fan.  She recently visited a Harry Potter festival near us and came home very excited about the whole experience and in particular all the people selling wizarding themed crafts at the festival.  We are big crafters here and she thought it might be fun to be one of the sellers next year at the festival.

So we’ve been busy crafting and while we wait until next year’s festival we decided to open up an Etsy shop where you can find all of the wonderful wizarding world themed items we have been working on.

Our store address is:

Our store is called Smuggles for Muggles.  Many of us love the world of Harry Potter and all the super cool items those wizards get to use.  At Smuggles for Muggles we’ve smuggled out some wonderful animals and magical objects from the wizarding world and are making them available for you.

This is truly a family effort and I love that we are all working on this together, from my youngest, age 9, who is making cards (which we’ll have at our store soon), to my oldest daughter, age 13, who made the botruckles and also helped me make the flying key items, to my husband who is helping me figure out some electronic items that we will soon have at our store.  My husband also came up with the wonderful name for our store!

I’ve loved working with my family on this project and hope you will take a moment to take a peek at our store.  If you do find something you like please use our store opening coupon for 20% off:


The coupon will be good until December 31, 2018.

Take a look at what we have to offer at this point.  We are continuing to work on more items to add to the store.  So be sure to favorite our store so you receive notifications of any new items added.