Flannel Friday ~ Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors

I did Spring stories this week for story time and made this new flannel story to go with the book Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors by Lisa McCue.  I also did a cute little flower poem with a silk scarf that I learned from when one of my girls used to go to Gymboree classes.

Ball a scarf inside your cupped hands and put them together.

This is a leaf, and this is a leaf
That you see makes two.
This is the bud that holds the flower
Watch it bloom for you.  (Slowly open up fingers while keeping base of palms still touching.  The silk scarf will bilow out and look like a flower opening up)

In this book Quiet Bunny is admiring all the colors he sees around him and wants to be those colors too.  He wishes he could be a sunny yellow color like the daffodils or bright blue like the blueberries.  As he is enjoying the many colors around him he keeps being covered by flowers or berry juice.  In the end he realizes (with the help of a wise old owl-of course!) that the reason the forrest around him is so beautiful is because there are so many different colors.

This book would also work well with colors and rabbits of course as well as liking yourself for who you are
All the peices, I made one white bunny and then a daffodil and lily pad coat for him to wear, the blue and red bunnies were just painted.

The bunny wears yellow daffodils after admering all the yellow around him (thanks to Miss Elizabeth for making the pretty dandelions as I was going crazy trying to make them look decent with paint, and in the end  since they were so small just cutting jagged edges worked the best!)

The bunny wears green lily pads when he wants to be gree.

The bunny covered in blueberry juice to be blue

the bunny covered in mud to be red


5 responses to “Flannel Friday ~ Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors

  1. Another awesome flannel set! You always have so much detail in your sets. So fun!

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  3. Hey Meg, I am so sorry i missed the link to your lovely post on the FFRU. It’s fixed now, and I posted a redux, so that people are sure to see it.

  4. I love the scarf activity. Using scarves is new to me and this is perfect! Thank you.

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