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Flannel Friday ~ Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors

I did Spring stories this week for story time and made this new flannel story to go with the book Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors by Lisa McCue.  I also did a cute little flower poem with a silk scarf that I learned from when one of my girls used to go to Gymboree classes.

Ball a scarf inside your cupped hands and put them together.

This is a leaf, and this is a leaf
That you see makes two.
This is the bud that holds the flower
Watch it bloom for you.  (Slowly open up fingers while keeping base of palms still touching.  The silk scarf will bilow out and look like a flower opening up)

In this book Quiet Bunny is admiring all the colors he sees around him and wants to be those colors too.  He wishes he could be a sunny yellow color like the daffodils or bright blue like the blueberries.  As he is enjoying the many colors around him he keeps being covered by flowers or berry juice.  In the end he realizes (with the help of a wise old owl-of course!) that the reason the forrest around him is so beautiful is because there are so many different colors.

This book would also work well with colors and rabbits of course as well as liking yourself for who you are
All the peices, I made one white bunny and then a daffodil and lily pad coat for him to wear, the blue and red bunnies were just painted.

The bunny wears yellow daffodils after admering all the yellow around him (thanks to Miss Elizabeth for making the pretty dandelions as I was going crazy trying to make them look decent with paint, and in the end  since they were so small just cutting jagged edges worked the best!)

The bunny wears green lily pads when he wants to be gree.

The bunny covered in blueberry juice to be blue

the bunny covered in mud to be red


My Five Senses Storytime

This is one of my favorite storytime themes to do each year, but this time was extra special becuase I finally found a story I thought would work well as a feltboard to match the theme.
I always have my 5 senses storytime this time of year when lilys are avaliable. 

I always start storytime with some felt pieces on the board and ask the chidlren to try to guess what our theme of the day will be, so for today I just printed out a simple nose, mouth, eye, hand, and ear and glued felt to the back.  We talked about what each one does.

My flannelboard story was Baby Bear Sees Blue by Ashley Wolff. 
In the story Baby Bear wakes up in  the spring and is amazed by all the colors he sees, the soudns he hears and the butterflies that tickle him.   This story would work well for colors, spring, babies, bears, etc.  Lots of great concepts here!  I’m especially excited about how the lightning turned out!

The last book I read was My Cat Tuna by Lynn Reiser.
This book is fantastic for 5 senses themes.  The first part of the book, Tuna is outside and hears a robin, sees a ladybug, smells, a lily, tastes a strawberry, and feels the grass.  Then it rains, and Tuna exeriences new stimuli, gets wet, and decides to go inside where he experiences 5 more senses. 
I use this book at the end of the storytime because after we read it we all experience the same things Tuna did when he was first outside.  So I brought in one of those birds that tweet when you squeeze them (a robin), a stuffed ladybug (it’s actually a magnet), a real lily that smelled great, some real strawberries for the kids to eat (I made sure to ask the parents if there were any strawberry allergies last week and again this week), and some fantastic fabric I found in the remnants at Jo-Ann’s a few years back that looks just like grass.  We always use it at home in the winter to pretend to play outside when we are desperate for spring!  The kids always love this story because the props bring the book to life.  And I think the best way to learn about anything is to actually experience it.

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Wind, Rain, and Clouds Storytime

Our library decided not to participate in the SRP collab “Dream Big Read” this summer, usually we do, but this year we got all excited about superheroes.  Partially because superheroes are cool and partially because a portion of the movie the Avengers was filmed in Cleveland, which is not too far from us.  So instead of feltboards to match the summer reading theme collab, I have our bulletin board teaser to show you that I and a coworker put together to get all the kids excited for summer-so far it’s working (YAY!)  I also just have to say that I’m so proud of how my Superman-type logos on the capes turned out.  Everyone liked the capes so much that we decided we all need one to wear in local the parade we do each summer, as well as occasionally throughout the summer just for fun 🙂

I do have some super felt boards to share  as well, but not related to superheroes as you probably already figured out by the title of this post! 🙂

So this week, we talked about rainy spring weather and gazing at puffy spring clouds, and blustery spring days.

For our movement activities in between books we shook some egg shakers to the song ‘Rain Rain go Away” and once the song was over we made a rain storm with the eggs by starting quietly and getting louder and louder for a full blown thunderstorm and then got quiet again as the rain faded away.
Later in storytime we listened to the song “I Can Sing a Rainbow” on the Wiggleworms “Love You” CD and danced around with colorful silk scarves.  Because rainbows sometimes follow rain storms.

The feltboard stories I shared today were, “Little Cloud” by Eric Carle and “It Looked Liked Spilt Milk” by Charles Shaw.

I made a special feltboard for this story to represent the scene in the book and also because I wanted to be able to tape some waxed paper to the back of the feltboard and not ruin our usual one.  In this story a little cloud changes in to many different shapes, as clouds tend to do.  At the end he and his cloud friends form one big cloud and rain on the village.  To make this rain possible I taped wax paper to the back of the felt board and drew rain on it.  Then when it’s time to rain in the story you can simply flip the wax paper over the front.  I also printed out the story and taped it to the back so you don’t ahve to try to hold the book and the feltboard to do the story.

Little Cloud as a sheep

The rain coming down

All the pieces

For this felt board I did something a little different.  One of the librarians at my library went to a workshop once where they suggested doing this different method with this story.  Instead of putting the felt pieces on the board, stick little pieces of velcro on  the pages and have the kids stick their matching felt piece in the book as you read the story.  In essences, the book becomes the feltboard and it’s kind of a matching/puzzle type experience as well.  It sounds so simple, and slightly weird, but the kids were captivated.  It’s so different to add your picture too the book, they had a great time and some of them worked so hard to make sure their piece lined up perfectly!
I used small squares of white velcro on the book (obviously this is a staff only copy)
with the matching felt piece in place

All the pieces for the book.

At the end of storytime we had our own cloud gazing activity.  I made a huge sky from some bulletin board paper and glued on shapes that I wanted to suggest different animals, foods, etc.  I had shapes in mind but tried to make them so that they could be more than one thing.  Like one that looks like a hand but could also be an elephant.

After storytime I had all the kids lie down and look up to see these clouds.  They loved it!  I honestly didn’t think they were going to leave 🙂  We talked about how now that it’s getting nicer out that they could do this with real clouds outside and see so many new shapes.

Overall this turned out to be one of the best storytimes themes, the kids were great and super enthusiastic about everything.  We all had a great time!

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Flannel Friday – Mommy Carry Me Please

This week my theme was baby animals.  We read several books about baby animals and danced to the song “Mama Don’t Allow” on the Wiggle Worms Love You CD.

The feltboard story I used with this theme was Mommy Carry Me Pleaseby Jane Cabrera.I love her books and they really lend themselves well to be turned into felt boards.  I passed out the babies to the chidlren at storytime, if there is a large group you could pass out mommies too.  I ask them to pay special attention to how the mommy animal carries her baby and to place the baby correctly on the mommy on the board.  Afterwards we talk about how the storytime kids can be carried by their parents.  Would they want to be carried in their mom or dad’s mouth like a crocodile or in their pocket like the kangaroo?  We also talk about the ways people carry their kids that are the same as animals, like the koala who caries her baby on her back.

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Flannel Friday – Splash!

I’m ready for summer and bathing suits and water and sun. So this week I want to share a fun story called Splash! by Ann Jonas about a litle girl who has a pond in her backyard and all the animals that come and go (some not by choice!) into the pond.  It’s a fun counting story as well.  With my younger kids I just had them make louder and quiter “Splash!” sounds depending on the size of the animal that goes (or falls) into the pond.  With the older crowd you can have them also answer the repeating question on each page, “How many are in my pond?”  For the really astute listeners, you can also ask them to watch for which animal goes into the pond and stays there (besides the fish) all the rest of the animals come and go during the course of the book.  It’s a very busy pond 🙂  You can also ask them which animal, that is shown in the book, never goes into the pond.

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Miss Meghan’s Craft Corner ~ Growing Flower

In this month’s edition of our library magazine we are beginning a fun new series where families with young children can find a simple and yummy recipe and a fun and easy related craft both of which will usually reflect the seasons.  So here is the first round of ‘Baking with Miss Lucy’ and ‘Miss Meghan’s Craft Corner’

For the March/April Magazine, Miss Lucy and I decided to feature a snack and craft for spring.   In the magazine, Lucy shared a recipe for making yummy dirt cups complete with worms!  And I am sharing a cute growing flower craft.

Growing Flower Craft

Materials needed:
Popsicle stick, paper or styrofoam cup, paper, glue
Optional: markers stickers, etc.

  1.  Ask an adult to make a small slit in the bottom of your cup, just large enough to fit the popsicle stick through.
  2. Cut out your flower and leaves using the provided pattern.

3.  Glue the flower and leaves to the popsicle stick and insert the stick through the bottom of the upside down cup.

4.  Reach your hand in from underneath (the opening of the cup) to raise and lower the flower so it looks as if it’s growing.

If you’d like you can color the popsicle stick ahead of time with a marker
Decorate the cup with markers, crayons, and stickers for a fun spring look!
Use pretty sheets of scrapbook paper for fun patterns on your leaves or flower.

Pattern for flower

cut two leaves and one flower.

Flannel Friday ~ Dog’s Noisy Day

This week for Flannel Friday I have a feltboard version of Emma Dodd’s book Dog’s Noisy Day.  I love the Dog books, and have also made a version of Dog’s Colorful Day as well. 🙂

I did a farm themed storytime this week, but this book is also great for storytimes about sounds, or dogs, or the 5 senses (hearing).

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