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Handprint Owl Craft

For the Septmber/October edition of my library’s magazine I submitted a fun owl handprint craft.  I’m a little behind on posting it here, as we are already getting ready for the Nov/Dec issue!

I loved this craft which I originally found on the cool blog Meet the Dubiens.  I thought these owls were sch a cute idea to document your child’s cute little hands and looked really nice on the wall.  We’ve hung our owls up in the girls’ room near their bunkbeds, and I just love seeing them everyday!


Materials needed:
Construction paper in several fun colors
Contrasting sheet of scrapbook paper
Washable paint
Optional feathers

1. Cut out a simple owl shaped body, and then cut out two round eyes, a triangle beak, and two legs.

2. Assemble the owl on the scrapbook paper and glue in place. Color in the pupils on the owl’s eyes with black.

3. Paint your child’s hands and have them carefully make a hand print on either side of the owl’s body to make the wings. The fingers should be pointing out. Make sure they do not wiggle their hands if you want a clear print. (If you’d like to cut down on the messiness factor, you can simply trace your child’s hands, cut them out, and glue them in place, instead of doing the handprint)

4. Once the paint is dry, children can glue on feathers if they would like.

These are wonderful decorations or gifts that document your child’s small cute hands!