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Groundhog Day Feltboard and Cute Craft

I meant to post this last week, and had my blog all written and ready to go, but the day completely got away from me!  So here it is now. I’m also excited to announce that next week I will be hosting Flannel Friday for the first time!

I should have posted this sooner, but the feltboards really didn’t come together until the end.  But here is my groundhog program at little late 🙂

5 Little Groundhogs

The first little groundhog crept out of his lair (creep fingers)
The second little groundhog said, “Is spring in the air?” (sniff air)
The third little groundhog asked, “Is the time right?” (point to “watch” on wrist)
The fourth little groundhog squirmed, “The sun is too bright!” (shade eyes)
The fifth little groundhog squeaked, “My shadow I see!”
“I’m not staying out here! No siree! Not ME! (shake head no)
“Back to my burrow I’m going to creep.” (creep fingers)
“And for six more weeks I’m going to sleep!” (rest head on hands and close eyes)
                             ~From teachingheart.net

I also made a feltboard based (loosely) on the story from Liz and Dick Wilmes’ book Magnet Board Fun called “Gregory Groundhog Sees His Shadow.”

I just basically used the first and last paragraph from their book, where Greggory goes out to look for his shadow and sees the shadows of other animals.  As he sees each shadow I put it on the feltboard and had the kids guess what the animal was.  Most of them were pretty easy.  I narrated what he was thinking as he sees the shadows and discovers what each one really is.  Like for instance he realized he should have known the giraffe’s shadow was not his own since his neck isn’t nearly that long.  At the end he sees a shadow that scares him so much he races back to his burrow where he realizes he has just been frightened by his own shadow.  He decides to stay in his den for 6 more weeks to rest and recover from his fright.  The kids really liked it and they and the parents all had some good chuckles over Greggory’s confusion about the different animal shapes he sees.  I decided to just grab a few animals from my assorted felt board color sets and make matching shadows for them to use for this program.

At the end of the program we had a cute little craft that I also found at teachingheart.net where they linked back to a blog called Skip to My Lou that had the most adorable groundhog craft ever.  I substituted craft foam for the felt she used and used pompoms for the noses.  We had a variety pack of pompoms so some of the groundhogs had really colorful noses!
I had the slits in the cups cut ahead of time and the green felt glued around the cup already in place before storytime.  The kids did make their own grass by cutting the inch or so of felt that I left at the top of the cup.  They then glued their pre-cut groundhogs to the stick, added googly eyes, a nose, and teeth and were all set.  I made the groundhog body in one piece-the ears were part of the body, not separate pieces, again just to cut down on parts to assemble.
the kids all loved them and laughed out loud when I demonstrated how the puppet worked, they were a huge hit.  My youngest daughter continues to carry her groundhog (out of the cup) around the house.  🙂Fiona shows off her groundhog 🙂

Katie at storytimesecrets is hosting the round up today and they will be posted later this evening.