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Some of my digital scrapbooking pages

March Breezes

Finally the winter starts to break and the grass peeks through again and the temperatures go up. YAY! I know here in the midwest we are really ready for spring after such a long, cold, and snowy winter. This kit celebrates those beautiful first green days where a nice breeze blusters your hair. This kit is also full of plenty of St. Patrick’s Day items so you can scrap beautiful spring or St. Patricks Day layouts.

This kit includes 18 papers, full upper and lower case alpha with numbers and symbols, 5 solids, 9 words, and 55 elements.

 photo BCMD_MB_preview.jpg

 photo BCMD_MB_paperpreview.jpg

 photo BCMD_MB_alphapreview.jpg

 photo BCMD_MB_wordspreview.jpg

Check out the beautiful layouts by my CT:
By Janet:
 photo 1544307_510221899098631_1612804167_n.jpg

 photo 1653275_510221675765320_924306731_n.jpg

Janet also has a freebie on her blog:
 photo 1891090_510222039098617_397352728_n.jpg

by Melissa:
 photo 1896969_10152288069791103_529271958_n.jpg

 photo 1780694_10152288069966103_1330426204_n.jpg

by Kiana:
 photo 10001275_10201391860940382_162626599_n.jpg

 photo 1975055_10201391116081761_1449157981_n.jpg

Music Music Music kit for March BNP by Shel Belle Scraps

Shel Belle Scraps has a fun and retro kit for this month’s BNP. It has a great 1930’s feel to it and I had so much fun working this this kit. You can grab each of the pieces for just $1 the first week and Shel’s whole store is on sale for 50% off since she is the featured designer through March 8th! Be sure to pick up some great kits at this time 🙂


Here are my two layouts using her kit Music1 Music! Music!
 photo johnfullerhess.jpg

 photo universityheightsband.jpg

Sound Off BNP Templates for March

Thins month’s Bits n Pieces at SNP is all about music and you can pick up some great music themed kits.  Don’t forget that for the first week, each piece is only $1.  This month I have a set of 4 fun templates called Sound Off.

 photo BCMD_SO_preview-1.jpg

Check out the great pages made by my CT:

by Melissa:
using my kit Sock Hop
 photo 1606955_10152248257591103_1415272853_n.jpg

by Shellby:
using my kit Summer Escape
 photo 1496891_10104183137984793_89226717_n.jpg

by Wendy:
using a kit Love My Son by Seatrout Scraps
 photo 1620980_10201568611276778_548792845_n.jpg

using my kit Bella Notte
 photo 1655945_10201568669158225_252943968_n.jpg

by Robin:
using Find Your Voice from Leaving a Legacy Designs (BNP)
 photo 1932305_711112495577526_500432181_n.jpg

using my kit January Freeze
 photo 1011086_711176332237809_643997901_n.jpg

by Janet:
both layouts using my Kit Summer Escape
 photo 1798645_506423252811829_2060415688_n.jpg

 photo 1922444_506423549478466_1354658571_n.jpg

by me:
using scuba swim by cami jo designs
 photo 400649_10152609500682004_1268398070_n.jpg

using Shel Belle’s BNP kit Music! Music! Music!
 photo 1920559_10152609500737004_1377511304_n.jpg

using Underwater Wishes
 photo 2013-8littlemermaids.jpg

Even though the calendar says March, it still feels like winter in so many places right now.  When will we ever start to feel some warm spring air?  Around Scraps N Pieces, we have been keeping ourselves warm by designing some amazing products for you, our awesome members and customers.
Are you a fan of the art journaling style of scrapping?  If you are, then you are going to LOVE the store’s March collab kit.  It’s called Express Yourself, and it is awesome!
  The kit is on sale for $4, but you can grab the bundle for just $5.50.
Do you know the definition of earworm?  It’s defined as, “a catchy song or tune that runs continually through a person’s mind.”  And I think the music-themed Bits N Pieces for March will be running through your mind all month until you snatch them all up.  The pieces are just $1 each the first week, and then will regular price and possibly bundled up into full kits.  And don’t forget our Bit N Pieces month-long challenge; snag some great kits at a low price and earn forum points in the process.
Our members mean so very much to us.  The 3-year old son of one our members was just recently diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Cancer last week. This is something they would have never
thought would happen to their family.  It is Stage 4, as this type of cancer is often not symptomatic
until that time. He will have to go through some aggressive chemo, then
surgery to remove his tumor, then more chemo. There is a 40-50%
survival rate, but his doctors are very optimistic. This family has 3
other small children and a new baby on the way. Together, the Scraps N Pieces designers developed an amazing kit called Little Warrior, to help raise funds that will cover
some of their costs at this time. This kit is a beautiful
children’s hospital themed collab that chronicles the journey that this little
warrior is facing. All proceeds from the sale of this kit will go to
this little family to help with expenses.
Be sure to add the March speed scraps to your calendar, or better yet, go to the forum calendar and set a reminder.
Have a great day!!

Temptations vol. 26 by Wendy Tunison Designs

Wendy Tunison Designs has got a fun new release for you this week.  Temptations Vol. 26 is perfect for everything from P52 to those occasions when you simply have a lot of photos to use on a layout.  It’s 30% off this week as well!

Wt_T26 copy
Buygs Buysnp

Take a look at what our CT created with this set…


Wendy has put Just Us {March} on sale this week as well for 50% off!

Buygs Buysnp
Have a great day!

 And here’s my layout 🙂

 photo 2013-3gramberryjam.jpg

Bella Notte kit releases

Are you a fan of that classic Disney movie Lady and the Tramp? My youngest daughter sure is! She loves anything Lady and the Tramp from her Halloween costume 2 years ago to her birthday cake last year. While the inspiration for this kit came from that sweet movie, you will find plenty of elements and papers to help you scrap a romantic Italian dinner with this kit or even a messy baby photo! 🙂

This kit includes 14 patterned papers and 8 solids as well as 47 elements, and you can grab it for 40% off the first week

 photo BCMD_BN_preview.jpg

 photo BCMD_BN_paperpreview.jpg

Be sure to check out the cute pages by my CT:
by Wendy:
 photo 1926817_10201568667478183_450840612_n.jpg

by Janet:
 photo 1013772_500254766762011_1012271982_n.jpg

by Shellby:
 photo 1656247_10104182262135003_224510941_n.jpg

by Melissa:
 photo 1897820_10152248170761103_188712034_n.jpg

by Robin:
 photo 1908250_709643905724385_515417988_n.jpg

by me:
 photo 2012-8lexibirthdaycake.jpg

February Love Project Life kit and Template

I have my second installment in my project life available for you today, it’s called February Love and it is full of beautiful elements, papers, words, and an alpha to help you tell your stories about February.  This kit is also full of great Valentine’s themed items!

Valentine’s Day is filled with hearts, love, beautiful flowers, and lovely tasty chocolates!  You may also exchange heart-felt Valentine’s with your loved ones.  What better way to document the special people in your life, and show your love for them, than with a beautiful scrapbook page!  This kit is a beautiful mix of pink, red, chocolate brown, and a touch of cheerful yellow!

You can purchase the kit and template sets separate (they are on sale for 40% off the first week) or buy them in a bundle and save!

February Love Kit
 photo BCMD_FebLove_preview.jpg

 photo BCMD_FebLove_paperspreview.jpg

alpha included with kit:
 photo BCMD_FebLove_alphapreview.jpg

words included with the kit:
 photo BCMD_FebLove_wordspreview.jpg

February Love Templates:
 photo BCMD_FebLove_templatepreview.jpg

Or buy the bundle including all of the above:
 photo BCMD_FebLove_bundlepreview.jpg

Be sure to check out the beautiful pages by my daughter and my CT:
My 8 year old daughter wanted to make her school Valentine’s on photoshop and used this new kit. She worked super hard and made the cutest Valentine!
 photo fisvalentine.jpg

By Janet using Feb Love kit and my Big Beautiful Template:
 photo 1798875_499574500163371_1049406080_n.jpg

 photo 1779275_497104767077011_590723250_n.jpg

By Melissa using Feburary Love kit and template
 photo 1897880_10152232753851103_55845346_n.jpg

Melissa has a freebie on her blog:
 photo 1507998_10152232754091103_864741119_n.jpg

By Robin using Feburary Love kit and template:
 photo 1902837_705014516187324_2054767340_n.jpg

 photo 1796568_705014719520637_550602711_n.jpg

and a freebie from Robin:
 photo 1920582_705026292852813_513404899_n.jpg

by Wendy:
 photo 1557677_10201498062513103_1228295257_n.jpg

using a kit Whole New Me by Ponytails Designs and my Feb Love templates:
 photo 1779226_10201491587511232_488286304_n.jpg

 photo 1001027_10201491586231200_1071858427_n.jpg

Wendy also has a freebie for you on her blog:
 photo 1795514_10201498078193495_361756925_n.jpg

By Shellby:
 photo 1601182_10104140679936063_1836984030_n.jpg

 photo 1610012_10104140680120693_1403110622_n.jpg

Shellby also has a freebie on her blog:
 photo 67872_10104140681273383_1976115559_n.jpg

by me:
 photo 1794678_10152580338322004_76860019_n.jpg

 photo 1549476_10152537651717004_2072609077_n.jpg

by Me using Feb Love Template and my kit Feel Love:
 photo 1655891_10152580338417004_540016370_n.jpg

Be sure to stop back by Scraps n Pieces on Saturday. I have several of my love themed kits in the Super Saturday bing:
You can grab Feel Love for just $1
 photo BCMD_FL_SNPpreview-1.jpg

Deer to Me for $2
 photo BCMD_DTM_preview_zps84f718ec.jpg

Wonderful for $2
 photo BCMD_wonderful_preview_zps874595b1.jpg

Check out some beautiful pages made with these kits:

using Feel Love:
 photo Wendy-3-1.jpg

Using Deer to Me
 photo wt_BCMD_DeerToMe_K2012.jpg

Using Wonderful:
 photo 2013-3Wonderland.jpg

 photo DC_BCMD_Wonderful_LO1_zps8e8e5ed5.jpg

Just Us September kit by Wendy Tunison Designs

Just Us {September}?  That can’t be right!  But it is.  You may be wondering why on earth Wendy Tunison Designs is releasing a September kit in February so I’ll tell you.  It’s because Wendy fell behind in her release schedule for the Just Us Series last year and she’s playing catch up.  LOL!  She’s still got to finish July and August and then all 12 months will be finished.  So if she’s a little out of season, that’s why!  September means back to school for most of us and this kit is chock full of everything you’ll need to scrap those special moments.  Filled with bold patterns and doodles, this kit is perfect for everyone from preschool through college graduation!  It reminded Wendy of all of the notebooks she filled with doodles and the way we use to cover our books in grocery bags and then decorate them for each class.  She’ll never forget the way Andy doodled on her Geometry book when she was in high school with the words, “Gee I’m A Tree.”  LOL!  With a fun handmade feel, this kit is so much fun to play with and I’m sure you’ll have as much fun as I did with it!  The previews are linked.

Wt_JU9_full copy
Wt_JU9_a1 copyWt_JU9_pap copy

With 117 unique ellies, an alpha and 30 unique papers, this kit is full, but it’s been a while since Wendy has had a chance to design a kit and she just couldn’t stop!  So there are a bundle of add ons too!

Wt_JU9_a234 copy

Wt_JU9_Doodles copy

Wt_JU9_JnF copy

Wt_JU9_Lingo1 copy

Wt_JU9_Lingo2 copy

Wt_JU9_sty copy

Of course, the best deal of all is the bundle that includes everything!

Wt_JU9_Bundle copy

Take a look at the amazing layouts our CT created with this bundle…

JU9a JU9b JU9c JU9d JU9e

Have a great day!

Here are the two pages I made with her kit:

 photo 30dayssep.jpg