Christmas + Instagram

I’ve been doing quite a few photo related crafts at home recently and wanted to share some fun ideas with everyone!  I recently printed out a ton of instagram photos through printstagram in their 2 inch square size.

To start with I made a cute little felt wreath and added our family photos (pets included!) along with a few cute flowers.  There is a wire frame attached to the back to keep the wreath from folding in on itself.  I cut a basic felt wreath shape for the base, then cut tons of green folly leaves in a variety of green colors and hot glued it all together.  I used glue dots to secure the photos as I didn’t want the heat from the glue gun to damage the photos.  My youngest daughter had such a fun time gluing the flowers on to the wreath 🙂



To match the wreath, I also made a garland for my tree.  I used about 120 of the 2 inch square photos spaced about 2 inches apart on a long strand of burlap ribbon.  This only made it about half way down our tree so I’m definitely going to be ordering more photos so I can finish off the job!  I really love how this project turned out and it was really fun looking back through all my old instagram photos and picking special memories to add to my garland.

This was one of the simplest projects to complete!  I attached 2 glue dots to each photo, one on either side of the photo in the center and then simply pressed the photo onto the burlap ribbon.

I think this might be something I’d even like to display during the rest of the year somewhere in my house 🙂


garland close


The full effect on the tree.  We have some large kiddish ornaments, but on a tree with a simpler decoration theme (our theme is young child!) I think the garland would stand out beautifully 🙂


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  1. Beautiful job, Meghan!

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