She Sparkles by Wendy Tunison Designs

On the Ginger Scraps’ front, Wendy has cooked up some sparkly fun for the Buffet this month!  Every woman is a gift.  A glistening bundle of talent and unexpected beauty.  Every woman is unique and has received unique gifts to enhance her life and the lives of those around her.  Take a moment to celebrate the women you know and yourself with this beautiful kit kissed with just the right amount of sparkle and shine.  With beautiful shades of blue, greens and greys and just the right amount of cream mixed in, you’ll find it very easy to match up with most any photo.  Full of feminine softness and beauty, this kit is perfect for celebrating any woman of any age.  Each piece is just $1.00 through the 5th of March!

Wt_SSpark_alpha copy

Wt_SSpark_cs copy
Wt_SSpark_clusters copy
Wt_SSpark_e1 copy
Wt_SSpark_e2 copy
Wt_SSpark_lingo copy
Wt_SSpark_pp1 copy
Wt_SSpark_pp2 copy
Wt_SSpark_qp copy
Here are a few pages that Wendy cooked up with this last night…
It’s also Bake Sale time!  That means you can pick up any of these 3 kits for just $1.00 each through March 5th!
Wendy Tunison Designs is hosting the Ad Challenge at SNP this month and she’d love it if you’d stop by and play along!  She chose this fun set of infographic ads that she can’t wait for you to be inspired by!
It’s also Super Saturday at SNP so you can pick up these fun kits for just $2.00 each (add on is $1.00) today only!
And to match the GS Bake Sale, you can also pick up these 3 kits for just $1.00 through March 5.
Have a great day!!
Here’s my sample page using She Sparkles

 photo 2009-6floatinglikeabutterfly.jpg


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