Frosty Fun Kit Releases

I have a fun, wintry kit to share with you today!

Time spent playing outside in the snow on a chilly winter’s day can be so much fun, especially if you bundle up in  your warmest clothes.  My girls love making snow angels, snowmen, sledding, or just enjoying the crisp winter air as they play outside.  If you have photos to scrap of your special winter’s day memories, this kit will help you capture the fun with beautiful pastel colors and tons of great winter themed papers and elements.

This kit includes 13 patterned papers, 6 solids, and 42 elements and it is 40% off through Dec 15th!

 photo BCMD_FFun_preview.jpg

 photo BCMD_FFun_paperpreview.jpg

Check out the layouts made by my CT:
by Melissa:
 photo 1000271_10152070048861103_1283139044_n.jpg

 photo 1424569_10152070048951103_762971357_n.jpg

by Shellby:
 photo 1452128_10103866139212873_1046101310_n.jpg

 photo 1463623_10103885720317183_489708012_n.jpg

by Wendy:
 photo 1461144_10201098168636006_1408366380_n.jpg

 photo 1470042_10201098354320648_447607324_n.jpg

by Leanne:
 photo 1486721_10202265487574505_4944049_n.jpg

 photo 1463709_10202229294029689_287058778_n.jpg

by Janet:
 photo 1456671_464215353699286_2136410163_n.jpg

Janet also has a beautiful freebie on her blog:
 photo 1450809_464235697030585_696632948_n.jpg

by Vanessa:
 photo 1482802_10202493944569721_765997681_n.jpg

by Robin:
 photo 1465360_670482769640499_391189769_n.jpg

 photo 1426447_670435846311858_1618437599_n.jpg

by me:
 photo 2013-11winterbeach.jpg

 photo momandkathysledding.jpg

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