New Releases from Wendy Tunison Designs

Wendy Tunison Designs has got a fun template set for you this week!  She’s gathered up four more favorites from past challenges or freebies and bundled them all together in Temptations Remix Vol. 4!  It’s 50% off this week!

Wt_TR4 copy

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She’s also made them in the 8.5 x 11 size as well!

Wt_SR4 copy

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Here’s a peek at what our awesome CT created with them.


Did you love the layouts made with Sweeteen?!  I sure hope so because it’s on sale this week too for 50% off!  Whoot!  This was such a fun collab Wendy did with Tammy from Memories by Digital Design so be sure to check out her part too!
Wt_SsTn_full copy
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The coordinating Lingo pack is on sale this week too!

Wt_SsTn_lingo copy

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Wendy’s cooked up one more goodie for you today!  If you love the look of matted anything, this action is perfect for you.  She’s designed it to create a separate mat for anything.  That way you can easily customize your mat or your matted object.  It will create a mat in 5 different sizes that will work perfectly with any size object.  You can mat type layers, alphas, photos, frames, ellies…you name it!    It’s so much fun and makes matting so much easier!  Of course, it’s 50% off this week too!


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Have a great weekend!

these are my layouts made using Wendy’s new template set:
Lexi and Rudy enjoying the bubble machine!
 photo 2013-10bubbletime.jpg

And Fiona at the hot air balloon festival this past summer:
 photo 2013-5HotAirBalloons.jpg

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