2 new releases by Wendy Tunison Designs!

Life kicks you around sometimes.  It scares you and it beats you up.
But there is a day when you realize that you’re not just a survivor.
You’re a warrior!  You’re tougher than anything it throws your way.  You
just are.  Abuse, cancer, rape, divorce, the sudden loss of a loved
one, no matter the circumstances, you find the inner strength to stand
back up and scream at the top of your lungs.  You find it in yourself to
pull yourself back up one more time to take on the world again.  You
are a survivor.

Inside She Survived from Wendy Tunison Designs you’ll find 84 Unique Ellies, 27 Unique Papers, and 1 Alpha to delight you!  Best of all, it’s 50% off during it’s introductory week!

Wt_SSurv_full copy

Wt_SSurv_alpha copy
Wt_SSurv_pap copy


Wendy also made a set of word strips to go with it and if you pick up the kit this week, you’ll receive the word strips for free!  No need to add them to your cart, they’ll automatically be included!  Whoot!

Wt_SSurv_words copy

Check out the inspiring and creative layouts our CT made with this kit…





Here’s my sample page, a fun evening at the county fair:
 photo 2013-8ferriswheel.jpg

Wendy’s also got another fun release for you today!  Two is better than one, right?

There is nothing in the world that beats driving around with my music
turned up loud.  I love the feel of the speakers vibrating through the
air as I sing along off key at the top of my lungs!  There’s something
about music that can both calm my soul and get my toes tapping at the
same time.  I have been known to play a little air guitar and I’m really
good with the drums!  LOL!  If I’m not in my car, I always have my MP3
player close by and a set of earbuds in.  Music is like breathing…I
have to have it!

Inside Turn It Up you’ll find 80 Unique Ellies, 1 Alpha and 18 Unique Papers to delight you!

Wt_TIU_full copy

Wt_TIU_alpha copy
Wt_TIU_pap copy

You’ll love what our CT created with this one!






Here are my sample pages for Turn it Up
Fiona after her first real roller coaster ride at Cedar Point:
 photo 2013-8rollarcoastergirl.jpg

Me in college:
 photo crazyhair.jpg

I’ve also got some fun news for you!  Wendy’s got a kit in the Digi Files this month!  For less than the cost of one kit you can get a whole handful of kits from various designers!  What could be better than that?  Here’s a peek at what she has in the files this month…

Wt_Tranquility_full copy
If you head over there to check it out, you can read a little more about Wendy and there might just be a fabulous little goodie waiting for you too!

Don’t forget to pick up this month’s SNP collab and get a layout in before the end of the month for the Collab Challenge!  This month’s kit is great for honoring the people that serve us every day.  It would also be fabulous for Halloween layouts of those little cuties that want to dress like their heroes!

Have a great day!

I also have a fun freebie for you today!
A cluster frame to match She Survived. You can grab it by clicking on the preview
 photo BCMD_WT_SS_clusterfreebiepreview.jpg

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