Documented BNP by Wendy Tunison Designs

OH BOY!  Do I have a ton of things to tell you about today!  Let’s start with Wendy Tunison Designs’ part of the Bits N’ Pieces for this month at SNP!  I LOVE the colors this month!  They are so much fun and so versatile for scrapping everything under the sun!  Wendy created a fun collection called, “Documented” this month!  I don’t know about you but I have little slips of paper everywhere full
of lists and notes and things I need to remember.  That’s what this collection is all about…documenting all of those fun little snippets of
life!  Classic colors make this kit perfect for all of your photos from
yesterday as well as those from today!  A fun vintage feel and just the
right touches of paint and ink make this kit even better!  You can pick up each piece for just $1.00 from October 1 through October 7.  Whoot!

Wt_Doc_a_snp copy


Wt_Doc_dates_snp copy


Wt_Doc_e1_snp copy


Wt_Doc_e2_snp copy


Wt_Doc_num_snp copy


Wt_Doc_p1_snp copy


Wt_Doc_p2_snp copy


Wt_Doc_words_snp copy

Take a look at the AWESOME layouts our CT and I have created with this collection!  As always, you can click on the image to see a much larger version.






These are the pages I made with this kit:

A photo of my dad’s grandfather in his uniform for the Spanish American War.
 photo AdamVillhauerdischarge.jpg

My husband’s 3rd great grandfather:
 photo EdwardRoessler-1.jpg
The leaves are starting to change in parts of the States, and the air is getting cooler.  It’s October!  Fall is finally here!!  Let’s check out what the designers at Scraps N’ Pieces have been busy doing…

October Scraps N’ Pieces Store Collab Kit – Every Day Heroes
Firefighters.  Police Officers.  Emergency Responders.  Every day, heroes are busy protecting our homes, streets, and lives.  We honor them this month with this bright and wonderful kit.

Grab the kit for just $7.99, the quick pages for $5.99, or go big with the bundle for $10.99.

October CU Grab BagRickety Rack

For those designers that want something unique to add to their stash,, this is a fun pack of ric rac that is a little different from your everyday pieces of straight ric rac.  Grab it the first week while it is 35% off.
Bits N’ Pieces
This month’s Bits N Pieces theme is all about photography, scrapbooking, and capturing those precious memories!  The warm browns, blacks, and soft light blue is perfect for ANY layout.  Check out these amazing pieces the designers have for you. 
 Remember all pieces are just $1 the first week of the month!  After the
first week, the designers may combine their products into a full-size
kit and all will be at regular price, so don’t wait.  Also, the first
weekly challenge each month is dedicated to the month’s Bits N’ Pieces
products.  Use them in a layout, post it and link to gallery, and earn
some points.  It’s a win win!!
Be sure to add the following speed scraps to your calendar, and join us in the forum and chat for a lot of fun.
Wendy Tunison Designs has also got another great release for you today!  You can find Lost over at Ginger Scraps.  Wendy created this collection for this month’s Buffet!  You can pick up each of these pieces for just $1.00 during the first week of October!
Wt_Lost_Alpha copyBuygsWt_Lost_E1 copy
Wt_Lost_E2 copy
Wt_Lost_E3 copy
Wt_Lost_P1 copy
Wt_Lost_P2 copy
Check out these beautiful layouts from our CT!



One of the great photos my firend Vicki of Jerney Studios captured of Lexi for her birthday photos!
 photo 2013-9birthdaypicbridge.jpg

My friend Sarah and I in college
 photo lastofthemohicans11-1999web.jpg

And on top of all of that, it’s Wendy’s turn to provide the daily download on the GS blog this month!  She cooked up a fun art journaling meets traditional scrapping kit for you called She Dared!  Best of all, you can get it for free simply by visiting the GS blog each day this month!  Here’s a little peek…

Want to see more?  Here’s what our CT and I have created with it already!
Stop by Wendy’s blog on Friday to pick up some fun freebies made with She Dared!
These are the pages I made with this kit:

Both layouts are from Fiona’s dance recital and dance studio photos:
 photo 2013-6taproutine.jpg

 photo 2013-6tapphotos.jpg

Last but not least, here’s this month’s speed scrap schedule.  We’ll be playing with some different blending techniques this month!
Have a great day!

One response to “Documented BNP by Wendy Tunison Designs

  1. Hi there Crafting Mommy! I love scrap booking and I love seeing all of your beautiful papers and elements. I wish I still had time to do it myself. I wanted to let you know that since I love your blog so much, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can view my post and the rules here:
    Keep up the great writing!

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