Arabesque 50% off for one week

My daughters love dance, they love the costumes and the music and meeting fantastic new friends.  It’s such a wonderful activity for them and honestly I cry at every dance recital.  I cry watching them, sometimes it’s laughing crying – especially at my three year old who has an amazing amount of stage presence and a ton of attitude.  I cry watching the older girls and thinking about how proud their parents and grandparents are at some of these amazing dance moves they are able to do and thinking about the day one of my girls leaps like 6 feet into the air as she dances across the stage.  As you can see, it’s a very emotional few hours for me.  But I love everything about it!

Many dance studios are wrapping up their year of lessons with fun recitals this past month and so I wanted to put my ballet kit Arabesque on sale for 50% off so you can make some beautiful pages of the little dancer in your life 🙂

 photo BCMD_arabesque_preview.jpg
You can find this kit for 50% off at both of my stores:
SNP           STS

Some sample pages using my kit as well as Wendy’s portion of the kit
By Wendy:
 photo Beautiful_Arabesque.jpg

By Dani:
 photo DC_BCMD_Arabesque_LO1.jpg

By Robin:
 photo wt_fbss_feb16_robin_web_zps8a0d6b84-1.jpg

By me:
 photo Balletoutfits1955.jpg

 photo beautifuldancernov2012.jpg


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