Luminous kit releases

I have a lovely new kit in both of my stores today.  From the dreary grays of winter, the bright spring greens and yellows emerge ready to welcome the summer.  This kit is all about the joys of new spring growth and beautiful plants, birds, and yes even (some) bugs that greet us once more in the spring.  I felt that to really make these beautiful greens and yellows pop that I needed some darkness mixed in as well.  So I added some “Cleveland gray” to the mix, in honor of my hometown, and I hope this kit evokes the feeling of spring bursting forth from the dull gray winter.

Many of you may remember it as one of my entries for the designer darling contest at STS earlier this year.  If you missed out on it during the contest, now is a great time to grab it on sale!

 photo BCMD_lum_blankpreview.jpg

You can pick up this beautiful kit at:


Check out the beautiful pages made by my CT:

By Wendy:
 photo LoveYouForever_BCMD_luminosity_zps31b9353f.jpg

 photo Lexi2009_bcmd_luminosity_tr1_zps252357b8.jpg

By Robin:
 photo BCMD_Luminous_LO2_Robin_web_zps5e0b4fa7.jpg

 photo BCMD_Luminous_LO1_Robin_web_zps4ddd475d.jpg

By Janet:
 photo theFuture.jpg

 photo StMarysCityMD.jpg

By Jenn:
 photo Grandparents_zps1713159c.jpg
by me:

 photo 2012-6ButterflyKisses.jpg

 photo MaryHomecomingQueenleft.jpg

 photo MaryHomecomingQueenright.jpg

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