Handy Daddy BAK at Stuff to Scrap

This month’s BAK at Stuff to Scrap celebrates all the things we love about the men in our lives.  For the first week, each package is just $1.99, buy 3 or more and save 50%.

One of the things I remember doing as a kid is helping my dad do repairs on our house and at many of the houses he worked on.  In the summers, when my mom was at work and I didn’t have camp, I would travel with my dad to the places he was fixing up for people.  I loved to help hand him tools and nails and brushes as he completed his jobs.  In fact this was how I got my first kitten!  One of the houses we frequently worked at had kittens and the woman who lived there let me pick one out!  I named her Rose and she was the best kitten ever!

These are the packs I’m offering for this week.  I included many different tool related objects and paint splatters are everywhere!  These minis will be perfect for scrapping the little helpers in your life, or the big Dad helpers too 🙂

A mini kit
 photo BCMD_HD_minipreview.jpg

 photo BCMD_HD_alphapreview.jpg

 photo BCMD_HD_solidspreview.jpg

Check out these great layouts by my CT:

by Robin:
 photo BCMD_HD_Robin_web_zps4cb6ae8c.jpg

By Jenn:
 photo ToolTime_zpsd49f763c.jpg

By me-helping my dad paint our garage when I was 8 years old:
 photo MeghelpingDadpaintapril1988.jpg



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