Planting a Rainbow ~ Flannel Friday

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a Flannel Friday idea.  But I’m back with a beautiful felt version of Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert and I have a fun felt board about socks in the works that I plan to share just as soon as my family finishes up a square box of tissues that I want to use to make a washing machine which would be used with the socks. Fortunatley we haven’t had runny noses lately!

planting a rainbow

I looked online for coloring pages of many of the flowers mentioned in this story to use as patterns to make my felt pieces. I wanted the feltboard to really look like a beautiful and colorful garden once all the pieces were in place.
You can find the rest of the Flannel Friday roundup for today at Courtney’s blog “Miss Courtney Meets Bobo”

3 responses to “Planting a Rainbow ~ Flannel Friday

  1. Nice! I have always wanted to make this into a feltboard.

  2. Thanks for sharing this week. I’m making the post while my little guy is watching cartoons and nursing a runny nose of his own.

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