Wendy Tunison Releases and CT call

Wendy Tunison Designs has unpacked the grab bag and packed up the Bits N’ Pieces and that means I have a while lot of awesome to show you today!

Are you ever looking for just the perfect date tag to enhance your
layouts?  These beautifully, versatile date pieces are just the right
combination of neutral papers and sparkling borders.  These pieces are
large enough for you to journal on as well so you’ll easily be able to
use them as focal pieces or shrink them down to add a great date tag to
your photos!



Are you looking for a fast and easy way to add some fun
texture and excitement to your layouts? I’ve got the solution! Simply
use these overlays/masks with any kit for great results! You could easily add a
style to them, change the blend mode to create an all new paper from
one in your kit, use them as masks for your photos or papers. The
possibilities are really endless!





We all love something that makes our lives a little easier, right?  Wendy
struggled with shadows for the longest time and finally gritted her teeth
and spent a few days creating the perfect shadows for herself.  She had tried
other shadow styles before but they just weren’t realistic enough for her.  She wanted something that would give my layouts that paper made
feel.  She also wanted them to go in different directions because that’s
what shadows do in real life!  They aren’t limited to one angle, they
play with the light around them.  So she created her styles to adjust to
the light.  Now the shadows can go to the upper right, lower right, upper
left and lower left.  Wendy uses them on all of her layouts and she uses a
variety of angles on each page to make her clusters more realistic.  Wendy
hopes you’ll find these shadows helpful in giving your layouts that same
realistic look.  These would also be wonderful for designers when
creating the pieces for your kits!



Reminiscent of moonlit walks and days gone by.  Simply Teal is the
perfect blend of years gone by and fun tomorrows.  Perfectly suited for
masculine or feminine layouts, this kit’s bold, rustic feel is nicely
blended with soft, sparkly beauty.



Scrapbooking about ourselves can be hard.  But truly, how will our
children and grandchildren know our voice if we don’t leave a part of
ourselves for them to hear?  Wendy’s Evolution series of kits will be
designed to help you create beautiful pages all about you.  Of course,
they’re versatile enough to scrap anything you please if you’re not
ready to take that step as well!  Evolution *Celebration* is a beautiful
kit full of painted and stitched pieces and just the right art
journaling touch to tingle your creative senses.  You could easily use
it to celebrate the small things in your life or even those big moments
that make you want to throw your head back with laughter and joy.
Celebrate you.  Celebrate those you love.  Leave a legacy behind you for
generations to come about the joys and the sorrows.  Leave a whisper so
they know who you really are deep in your soul.




Have a great day!


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