Flannel Friday ~ Baking

This past week, my storytime theme was baking, which is one I like to do around this time of year when everyone is busy baking delicious treats for the holidays.  I have several fun activities to share with you that I love doing at this program.  It’s such a magical storytime and the kids always enjoy it so much.

I made a cute little oven out of a shoe box covered in stainless steel looking contact paper.  I added construction paper burners and oven door.  Stored inside, and ready for any storytime, are all the supplies you need to make some delicious pretend cookies (I can’t fit the mixing bowl and spoon, however).

In the box is a recipe card, pretend flour (I just printed off a flour box and stuffed it with cotton), a sugar bowl, cup of milk, salt (old film canister), ginger, a plastic egg, tub of pretend butter, measuring cups and spoons, cookie cutters, piece of felt to be the batter after mixing, rolling pin, baking pan, oven mitt, timer, sprinkles, and pretend frosting bag, flat cookies, stuffed cookies that are decorated on one side.

We discuss why a recipe card is important and what usefull info you can find there.  Before class, I make sure to have the square of tan felt (the cookie dough batter) already in the mixing bowl, so when after the ingredients are added all you have to do is dump the felt batter out, I put our felt board on my lap to act as a table for the kids to roll out the dough on.  Each kid takes turns adding ingredients, stirring, rolling out the dough and making the shapes with the cookie cutters.

Then I put the flat cookies on the pan and put it in the oven and set the timer for 2 minutes.  (secretly dump off the flat cookies at this time and put the stuffed ones on the pan-the stuffed ones should be hidden in the oven before class starts)  I’ve found that with practice you can time this perfectly so that the timer ends as soon as you are done reading Maisy Makes Gingerbread by Lucy Cousins.

When the timer goes off, I grab my oven mitt and pull out the cookies! Mmmm, they are so yummy and puffy now!  But before we are all done we have to make them look beautiful.  I have the kids take turns adding frosting and sprinkles.  This activity never fails to delight both children and adults alike at storytime.  It works great for all size groups, with larger groups each child takes a turn doing one thing, with small groups kids can have multiple turns adding ingredients, stirring, rolling, cutting out cookies, and decorating them.

Super fun!

The other felt board I want to share with you today is a brand new one I added this past week based on the book Cupcake by Charise Mericle Harper.

1499This story is so cute and funny and fit in perfectly with my yummy baked goods themed storytime.  The story is about a cupcake who thinks he is too plain and boring with just a white frosting top.  So with the help of his candle friend they try all sorts of different toppings, including pickles, an egg, peas, pancakes, a squirrel  and even spaghetti!  Definitely worth checking this book out 🙂

You can find the rest of the Flannel Friday round up at Courtney’s blog Miss Courtney Meets Bobo


One response to “Flannel Friday ~ Baking

  1. Super cute and super fun!!! I did a birthday storytime a while back where I “baked” a BD cake. The kids are still asking about it. I know this would be another hit!

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