Rudolph, Rudolph light-up nose ~ Flannel Friday

I’ve been so excited to share this Flannel Friday since last winter when the Flannel Friday community first shared several flannel versions of the poem Rudolph, Rudolph.

My daughter received a greeting card last year with an LED light element to it that turned on when you squeezed the corner of the card.  My husband (who is really good at finding random uses for LEDs – from lighting up my packing tape snowmen to glowing cat eyes on a Halloween costume) helped me pull the light out of the card and remove everything not essential to make it work.

I wrapped the light with red cellophane and was sure to keep the little
push button accessible to make the light turn on.  I added a little velcro to the back so it would stick to Rudolph’s nose.  It’s a huge hit at storytime!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
What will you do?
You can’t guide Santa
If your nose is blue!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
You’re such a silly fellow!
Who will know it’s you
If your nose is yellow!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
Your way cannot be seen
Through the wintry weather
If your nose is green!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
Santa gave a wink.
But what will Santa think
If your nose is pink!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
It’s time to fly at night.
But you’re quite a sight
Cause your nose is white!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
It’s time to go to town.
But Santa’s wearing a frown
Cause your nose is brown!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
Santa has his sack.
But you’re not ready
If your nose is black!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
The children are in bed.
And now I know you’re ready
Cause your nose is red!

Linda at Notes from the Story Room is hosting this week’s Flannel Friday Holiday Roundup


3 responses to “Rudolph, Rudolph light-up nose ~ Flannel Friday

  1. What a FUN, CREATIVE idea! Upcycling at its best. 🙂 I love it! ❤

    Now I just need to figure out how to get myself an LED light…

  2. Awesome! I love how everyones’ versions turned out so different but they all look great.

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