Miss Meghan’s Craft Corner ~ Beaded Snowflake Craft

For the November/December edition of our library magazine Miss Lucy and I planned fun snowflake crafts and snacks.  For the snowflake snack, Miss Lucy shared a super simple and yummy idea.  Take a large marshmallow for the center of the snowflake.  Place 6 small pretzel sticks radiating out from the center and place a mini marshmallow on the ends of each of the pretzels.  Cute snowflake snack!  You can see a sample on this blog here.

Beaded Snowflake craft

Materials needed:
2 glittery silver pipe cleaners
Assorted beads

1. Cut each pipe cleaner in half. You will only need three halves.
2. Twist the three pipe cleaners together in the centers so that they form a 6 pointed shape.

3. Add beautiful beads to the pipe cleaners. You can layer them all edge to edge or keep some space so the pipe cleaner shows through.

4. Fold over the ends of the pipe cleaner so the beads don’t slide off.
5. Make a loop at the end of one of the pipe cleaners and tie your ribbon to it.
6. Hang your beautiful snowflake somewhere special!

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