Flannel Friday ~ Clothing

I’m so excited to be back to Flannel Friday again! After a long summer off from storytimes, and a fal that’s been too busy to post my latest flannel boards, I am ready to jump in again!

This week we did clothing stories. Mostly because I was really excited about two new books. The first of course is Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons by Eric Litwin:

I just loved this book, as well as all the Pete the Cat books, and was so excited to make it into a felt board. I found the felt board pattern from Making Learning Fun.


The other new book I was excited about was Dog in Boots by Greg Gormley.

My daughters both love the movie Puss in Boots so this book was right up their alley.  Especially for my 3 year old who LOVES dogs more than anything.  This year she is going to be Lady from Lady and the Tramp for Halloween!


And the third felt board story I shared this past week was an older one I made a few years ago based on the book How Do I Put it On by Shigeo Watanabe.  This is a really cute book that is perfect for my toddler group!  It’s about a bear who is learning how to dress himself.  First when he tries to put his shirt on over his legs, then when he puts his pants on he puts them on like a shirt (I make him wear his pants like a hat, becuase I don’t know how someone could manage to make pants work like a shirt in the first place), he puts his hat on his foot, and his shoes on each ear.  Each time he puts on an article of clothing he says, “Do I put my pants on like this.”  And all the kids shout “NO!” followed by lots of giggling.  I have the kids tell me how bear really should wear each article of clothing and at the end he puts everything on correctly 🙂


Lisa of Libraryland has the Flannel Friday Round up today 🙂


2 responses to “Flannel Friday ~ Clothing

  1. What material do you use to make the flannel peices out of? What kind of paint or markers work the best for coloring them? I have tried to make some for our little library but it just didn’t work out very well. Yours are adorable!

    • Thanks so much! I just use regular felt. You can buy it by the yard or in small paper sized sheets from basically any craft store. I paint the pieces with fabric paint (like puffy paint, but not the kind the puffs. I just use regular glossy fabric paint) Mostly it’s lots of practice and years of making felt pieces. 🙂

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