Temptaions Vol. 8 by Wendy Tunison Designs

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Here’s a look at what Wendy Tunison Designs made for you this month for the Bits N Pieces! Those of you that participated in her fb speed scraps in August will already have these templates! So check your stash before you pick them up!
Take a gander at what our amazing CT did with these templates!
Here’s the page I made using one of the templates:


Scrap It To Win It contest, it starts on the 7th, You need to be signed up by September 1st. TODAY! Contest will last 6 weeks.
Wendy’s donated $70 in coupons plus a huge handful of 50% off coupons for participants! Be sure to sign up today if you haven’t already.

START DATE: Friday September 7th
FINAL WEEK starts October 12th
There will be NO popularity Vote and NO eliminations.
There will be a weekly winner but everyone stays in. Layouts will be voted on by judges.
Over-all winner also voted on by judges.

Don’t forget to stop by the store for the awesome Super Saturday Sale today!

Here’s what Wendy has on special…




While you’re there checking out the Super Saturday Sales and the new Bits N’ Pieces kits, don’t forget that the entire store is 30% off through this weekend! That means the collabs and CU Grab Bags are on sale too! Double WHOOT!

Have a great weekend!

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