Fill up my galleries and earn up to $6!!

Photobucketmade using my Jungle Adventures (STS blog train blog freebie available starting July 1st)

I’ve been so excited to see some layouts start turning up in my galleries at both Scraps N Pieces and Ahhh Scrap!  I can’t even tell you how amazing it is to see others make beautiful layouts to document important events in their lives using kits I made.  I know how much I love all the pages I’ve made and how special they are to me and how meaningful they will all be in the future as well.  So knowing that others are using something I made to record the history of their lives makes me feel just incredible.  I want more!!  I’d love to see more layouts in my galleries.  So I have a special deal going on.

Between June 23nd and July 7th:

For every layout you post, using one of my freebies, to my gallery  (I have a couple new blog and facebook freebies coming out July 1st) you can earn $1 to my store.  These can be either current or previous freebies.

Also, for every layout you post using a kit from my stores you will earn $2

You can earn up to $6!  YAY!
I will be sending you a coupon to use at either SNP or AS depending on where you post your layouts.  Please choose just one gallery to post in.

I can’t wait to see what you guys all make with my kits 🙂


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