Our 10 year anniversary and a trip to The Wilds

Dan and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary on June 8th.  It’s seriously amazing that it has been that long already.  This year we decided to go to the Wilds which is down in Cumberland, Ohio, about a half hour from Zanesville.  It was such an excellent trip and we all had an amazing time and are looking forward to going back again as soon as possible.

We all drove down together and my mom and the girls spent the first night in a hotel in Zanesville, while Dan and I stayed in a Yurt at the Wilds.  It’s like this round little house that is basically one big room with a portion for the bathroom.  It’s got fabric walls over a wooden frame.  It had a real from door, but the windows zipped open just like on a tent.  When we looked out our front door we could see the animal fields and even see giraffes off in the distance walking around.  It was incredible.

When we first got to the wilds we couldn’t check in at the Yurt for a few hours so all 5 of us did an open air safari tour.  We got on this open top bus (with an awning) and drove around in the animal fields.  We had to stay on the road that wound through the park, but many of the animals came right up to the bus so you could really see them so well.  The girls really enjoyed the trip despite it being about 2 hours long.  There was a stop about half way through where we got out of the bus and could go down to feed some swans.  So it was nice to walk around a little bit then.

After that the girls and my mom drove back to Zanesville and Dan and I had a special Yurt guests dinner overlooking the animals and then we hung out by a fire on a deck on the side of a hill.

The next morning Dan and I went ziplining.  It was the first time either of us had ever gone and I was a little nervous that I’d get to the top of the tower and freak, but it really was so much fun I didn’t have time to be afraid.  Fortunately I don’t seem to have a fear of heights!  The zipline was so much fun, it zigzags over the animals as you zip from tower to tower.  There’s one tower right in the giraffe section but there weren’t any near that tower today.  It sounds like they have really good hearing and the sound of the zipline scares them off, so maybe once they get more used to it they might come by 🙂


While we did that the girls did another open air safari.  Then we all met up for lunch.  The girls and my mom then went to check in at a cabin at the Wilds while Dan and I went on a wildside tour.  For this we rode in the back of a pickup truck and we were driven off the path and right up alongside the animals so we could pet and feed some of them.  When we went by the giraffes they weren’t out so our tour guide actually took us to their barn so we could still feed and pet them.  We also got to go behind the scenes at the carnivore section where we saw baby cheetahs up close and African dogs.  The whole experience was beyond amazing.



The next day we did a kid’s tour, it’s a lot shorter riding around the animal fields, but since our girls were ok with the 2.5 hour tour they didn’t really need the shorter version.  The cool thing about this one though was that at the end we went in a little building where we got to pet a baby alligator and an armadillo and see a sloth as well.  It was so fun!

We all decided that this was possible one of the best trips we’d ever been on, and we’ve been on lots!  It was the perfect mix of relaxation time and super exciting times.  And I think we all were able to enjoy it on different levels.

Some pages using a kit I’m in the process of making for a July freebie download 🙂



One response to “Our 10 year anniversary and a trip to The Wilds

  1. Oh wow, those are great pictures!!! Especially love the camel nuzzle – so cute. Happy 10th Anniversary!

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