Western Reserve Historical House Museum

This weekend the girls and I met my mom and we all went down this amazing old mansion, that is now a museum which is part of the Western Reserve Historical Museum.  It was finished being built in 1911 so we decided to have this trip be part of the Samantha section in Fi’s journal.

The house was amazing!  I can’t even imagine living in a place like that.  The tour guide said there were something like 49 rooms and for the 5 people who lived there (seriously??!?!) they had around 20 servants.  We got to see the servants quarters as well as the main house, although we didn’t get to see where the men lived as they were out over the carriage house.
In the kitchen

None of the rooms in the house were decorated with original furniture from the family that used to live there, in fact only 2 chairs were original with the house.  The rest of the rooms were made to look like different eras in history.  So there was one bedroom from the late 1700’s.  And the really cool thing we learned about was why the beds from that time were so short.  Partially it had to do with the fact that people were so much shorter, but the other main thing is that people had a different sleeping style back then.  Today we more or less sleep completely horizontal, but back then people slept much more propped up.  So the beds didn’t have to be as long.  I’d never heard that before so it was really interesting to learn about!
In the 1700’s room with the short bed

The beautiful dinning room

The girls liked the play room the best and Lexi kept trying to sneak underneath the ropes to go play!
The girls did pretty well during the visit.  Lexi started to get pretty antsy around the time we headed up to the second level.  She’d really been enjoying playing in the kids section of the museum where they have little kitchen set ups from different time periods and play food for the kids to use.  So she really was itching to get back to that section and play some more.

Fi got a little tired of standing but is looking forward to going to another cool old house down in Akron called Stan Hywett.  We’re planning on going on a day Lexi is in school this time, poor Lex.  But I’d rather take her to things she will enjoy more.


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