The William G. Mather Boat Museum and our fun summer plans

This summer I’m hoping to do a lot of fun trips with the girls to places we don’t usually go. We visit the Natural History Museum and Botanical gardens pretty much weekly, and I”m sure we’ll still go there a lot this summer(!) But I also want to see what else is out there that’s cool and fun. I make these pamphlets for my library to pass out at my American Girl Doll programs with suggestions of books, movies, music, and places to visit based on each of the historical characters. So this summer we are actually going to visit some of these places I’m telling everyone else to go to 🙂

Fiona is keeping a little journal, we found a fun one that came with a pen that has a glue stick on one end, so Fi was really excited about that. I want her to write a little bit about her fun adventures, even if it’s only a sentence, and then she can glue in pictures from our trip and use some of her American Girl Doll stickers we also picked up at the store. Also when we read any of the books, watch the movies, or listen to music that is on the doll pamphlets she is keeping a list of those as well. I wanted her to write a little about what she liked, cause frankly her handwriting is horrible-even for an almost 2nd grader, and I wanted her to practice it in a fun way-as opposed to just in a workbook. But Fi would rather not, and at least she is writing complete sentences in her journal. “I read Mama Don’t Allow” or “My mom read Amelia Bloomer You Forgot Your Skirt.”

Fiona’s journal entry for an American Girl Felicity program I did at the library.  We had it at a cool old historic home in the neighborhood. I’ve had several of my American Girl Doll programs there and they are always a huge hit!

Today we visited the William G. Mather, which is a huge old cargo boat that was built in 1925 and used to haul iron ore around the Great Lakes.  We decided to use it as part of our Kit era, which is the 1930s as it was built just prior to that.  The boat was in fact actually used up until the 1980s and when it was restored to be a museum in the 1990s they brought it back to the original 1930’s look.

The boat doesn’t actually take you anywhere, it’s permanently docked, but it’s really fun to tour.  We got to see the cabins, dinning room, captain’s quarters, kitchen, the bridge, and even down in the engine room.  It poured just as we arrived at the boat and we were so disappointed because part of the tour is out on top where cargo would have been loaded.  Fortunately by the time we finished the first half of the inside tour it had stopped raining for our walk across the top to the engine room.  Fiona wrote in her journal for this trip that her favorite part was walking across the top.  I loved seeing the old rooms and Lexi really perked up in the engine room and enjoyed going up and down the steep stairs!  I think she is all ready to be a sailor 🙂





It was a really fun, and different 🙂 adventure and I’m looking forward to all the other great places we are going to try this summer 🙂

A page using my collab kit by myself and Wendy Tunison Designs called A Gentleman’s Agreement


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