SNP Mentoring Blog Train ~ Follow Me Boys preview

I have a new free mini kit that you will be able to download on May 7th that is part of a small blog train at Scraps N Pieces.

For the past six weeks I’ve been part of a mentoring program at SNP where we were all divided into eight teams, each with about 5-6 people who wanted to learn more about designing.  Each group was assigned to a mentor who checked our work, gave us pointers, and answered any questions. Each week we focused on a different designing aspect.

Week 1
: make 3 papers, one solid (we were assigned our color), one patterned, and a second patterned one where we made our own pattern – no commercial use (CU) patterns were allowed there.  The one I made in my pack was the one with the stars and cool leafy looking shape.

Week 2: Make at least 5 elements.  For this week we could use CU stuff or make our own.  I did a little of each.  I scanned my grandfather’s patch, rifle medal, and dog tags – I did remove his name first, but also kept it with the name for my own personal scrapping.

Week 3:  This week we had to scan our own ribbon and buttons.  So essentially make our own CU items.

Week 4:  Everyone was assigned an alphabet part to do.  I got lowercase, someone else also got lower, two people got upper, and one person each got letters, or symbols.

Week 5:  We each had to make two word arts, one that was plain black which a scrapbooker could add color or clip a paper to.  The second word art had to be already ready to use.

Week 6: For the final week we each had to make a template.

Each of the eight groups had a different color swatch and theme to work with.  Our theme was vintage army and the title of our combined kit is Follow Me Boys.  I was so excited to work on this project and even scanned in some of my grandfather’s old WWII memorabilia.

Here is a preview of my portion of the kit.  Make sure to stop by on May 7th to get the link to the SNP forum where you will be able to download this portion of the Follow Me Boys kit and see the kits the other seven teams have been working on.




2 responses to “SNP Mentoring Blog Train ~ Follow Me Boys preview

  1. ive been in search of more boy stuff colors…these are perfect.

  2. I tried to download this kit and got a message saying link was invalid or deleted. I am sad I missed it.

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