Beautiful Tulips at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens

I keep meaning to do more blog posts about the fun things we do, but never get around to it.  So today I am remedying that situation by sharing some beautiful pictures from our visit to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens last weekend.

Usually after Fi’s art class we head to the Natural History museum to see the dino skeletons and to pet animals at the live animal show, but this weekend Lexi was suddenly all about butterflies and birds so we decided to go to the Botanical Gardens instead.  I’m so glad we did because in addition to fulfilling Lexi’s desire to see birds and butterflies inside the glass houses, we also got to see thousands of beautiful tulips in their outdoor garden.  They were planted this spring as part of a collaboration with the art museum for their Rembrandt exhibit (because of Holland where he was from).

It wasn’t the most beautiful day, kind of sprinkly and cool, but I think that made for some great photos.
We started by visiting the indoor greenhouses where they have beautiful butterflies and birds flying all around you.



A favorite stop is always the waterfall!

And the girls had a great time using the telescopes to search for more birds and butterflies. Fortunately, there were two, so there was minimal bickering between the girls, other than that they both wanted to use the lower one… arggg!

Outside the girls enjoyed the Hershey’s Children garden and running down the wooden ramp (Lexi’s favorite part!) We were excited to see that they were also putting in a new outdoor cafe type place where they will be making salads and sandwiches and such using veggies and fruits from plants that will be growing all around the cafe. I’m excited to try it out!



The girls and my mom under the roman arches

And of course I had to make a scrapbook page of the tulips!  I used a kit called Simplify by Scraps N Pieces:



3 responses to “Beautiful Tulips at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens

  1. Connie Aichele

    Very nice, Meghan! The scrapbook page really looks great!

  2. oooh that came out nice – love the page.

  3. Great pictures! I have so many happy memories of afternoons spent at the Botanical Gardens with my girls.

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