My Five Senses Storytime

This is one of my favorite storytime themes to do each year, but this time was extra special becuase I finally found a story I thought would work well as a feltboard to match the theme.
I always have my 5 senses storytime this time of year when lilys are avaliable. 

I always start storytime with some felt pieces on the board and ask the chidlren to try to guess what our theme of the day will be, so for today I just printed out a simple nose, mouth, eye, hand, and ear and glued felt to the back.  We talked about what each one does.

My flannelboard story was Baby Bear Sees Blue by Ashley Wolff. 
In the story Baby Bear wakes up in  the spring and is amazed by all the colors he sees, the soudns he hears and the butterflies that tickle him.   This story would work well for colors, spring, babies, bears, etc.  Lots of great concepts here!  I’m especially excited about how the lightning turned out!

The last book I read was My Cat Tuna by Lynn Reiser.
This book is fantastic for 5 senses themes.  The first part of the book, Tuna is outside and hears a robin, sees a ladybug, smells, a lily, tastes a strawberry, and feels the grass.  Then it rains, and Tuna exeriences new stimuli, gets wet, and decides to go inside where he experiences 5 more senses. 
I use this book at the end of the storytime because after we read it we all experience the same things Tuna did when he was first outside.  So I brought in one of those birds that tweet when you squeeze them (a robin), a stuffed ladybug (it’s actually a magnet), a real lily that smelled great, some real strawberries for the kids to eat (I made sure to ask the parents if there were any strawberry allergies last week and again this week), and some fantastic fabric I found in the remnants at Jo-Ann’s a few years back that looks just like grass.  We always use it at home in the winter to pretend to play outside when we are desperate for spring!  The kids always love this story because the props bring the book to life.  And I think the best way to learn about anything is to actually experience it.

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3 responses to “My Five Senses Storytime

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  2. Meghan, you did it again! Another fun and exciting storytime with lots of wonderful ideas!

    I especially love the idea of the grass material for when you are “desperate for Spring”. Lol! And I totally agree that children should actually experience as much as possible. Real experiences associated with books are the memories that create lifelong readers!

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