Flannel Friday – Mommy Carry Me Please

This week my theme was baby animals.  We read several books about baby animals and danced to the song “Mama Don’t Allow” on the Wiggle Worms Love You CD.

The feltboard story I used with this theme was Mommy Carry Me Pleaseby Jane Cabrera.I love her books and they really lend themselves well to be turned into felt boards.  I passed out the babies to the chidlren at storytime, if there is a large group you could pass out mommies too.  I ask them to pay special attention to how the mommy animal carries her baby and to place the baby correctly on the mommy on the board.  Afterwards we talk about how the storytime kids can be carried by their parents.  Would they want to be carried in their mom or dad’s mouth like a crocodile or in their pocket like the kangaroo?  We also talk about the ways people carry their kids that are the same as animals, like the koala who caries her baby on her back.

Find the rest of the Flannel Friday Roundup at Cate’s blog Storytiming.

5 responses to “Flannel Friday – Mommy Carry Me Please

  1. Cute flannel set! Did you draw the patterns yourself? I am always impressed with your puffy paint abilities and today is no exception. You do an awesome job! ❤

    • Thanks! Yes I hand draw on all the details with fabric paint. I sometimes use the book images as patterns or patterns from felt board pattern books, especially those by Liz and Dick Wilmes. They have a ton of great ideas and patterns. Sometimes I look for clip art online to use as patterns as well.

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  3. These are beautiful. I don’t know the book…making this both inspiring and educational. Really stunning pieces. ~ jane

  4. Beautiful pieces! They really are! Nice. Thank you for sharing them!

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