Rembrandt day at the Museum

There’s a new art exhibit at the Cleveland Museum all about Rembrandt.  And while it’s sometimes tough for the girls, especially Lexi, to make it through a gallery she does enjoy and get a lot out of the family programs they offer to enhance their special exhibits.  So while we didn’t get a chance to actually see his artwork this past weekend the girls did have a fabulous time trying on clothes, making art work, and touching old items from Rembrandt’s time.  Fortunately, my mom and I did get to sprint through the exhibit when it first opened with a whining 2 year old in tow.  I think I remember some of it!

Surprisingly one of their favorite activities was simply cutting little pieces of paper out of paint color samples and gluing them to a giant post of one of Rembrandt’s self portraits to make kind of a giant mosaic.  I’m curious to see how it looked in the end and am hoping next time we go by we can check it out.  My favorite part of this activity was that the photos turned out awesome!  Scrapbook fodder 🙂

Another fun thing we all got to do was have our faces digital added to a Rembrandt painting.  They covered us with green and had us stand in front of a green screen.  Lex didn’t want to do it by herself so I hid underneath the green fabric and had her stand on my lap, and then she was giggling like crazy.  We’re supposed to have the photos emailed to us sometime soon and I can’t wait to see what they look like 🙂

It’s hard to see but this is Fi’s face in a Rembrandt painting

A really special part of the visit, at least for me-I think the girls enjoyed the mosaic activity the most- was getting to touch items from the collection.  They had a cart with an old suit of armor helmet and one of those old fireplace tiles that were popular in Holland back in like 1600.  I think the helmet was from 1500 or so.  We put on white gloves and got to feel the items.  Pretty cool.

There were also some fun crafts and of course the horse in the armor gallery.  always a top destination when we visit the museum -right up there with ridding the escalators 50 times up and down.

And lastly I have a fun new scrapbook page to document a portion of this day- I do still want to make a page for the mosaic photos at least as well.  I used a purple-y and gray, cool kit by Ivory Keys Digital Dreams called Strike a Pose.  I loved the colors and it’s also great for camera enthusiasts 🙂


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