Flannel Friday ~ Dog’s Noisy Day

This week for Flannel Friday I have a feltboard version of Emma Dodd’s book Dog’s Noisy Day.  I love the Dog books, and have also made a version of Dog’s Colorful Day as well. 🙂

I did a farm themed storytime this week, but this book is also great for storytimes about sounds, or dogs, or the 5 senses (hearing).

Katie will be hosting the round up this week at storytimekatie.com


4 responses to “Flannel Friday ~ Dog’s Noisy Day

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  2. Recipe for Reading

    Oh my! How have I never heard of Dog’s Noisy Day?!!! I can’t wait to find this book and make a flannel board version like you did! Thanks for this!

    • I love her books and they are great for felt boards, she aslo has one about the alphabet with Dog 🙂

      • Recipe for Reading

        Thanks for letting me know–I will also look for the alphabet book! That is great because you can use your felt Dog for so many different stories…I love it when you can get more than one use out of a felt piece!

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