Designer Darling Challenge Round 4 + Freebie

For round 4 of the designer challenge we were all shown a photo of one of the judges month old baby.  In the photo he was wearing a cute little sweater she had crocheted for him and was laying a blanket she also made.  For the challenge we could make any themed kit we wanted to as long as it was somehow inspired by her photo.  We could base our kit on the colors, babies, etc.  The catch was that we could not use any commercial use textures, papers, or elements.  Even Photoshop actions or fonts that we’d downloaded were out.  Basically we could only use what came with photoshop (or whatever program we used).

So here is my entry, click on the image to go to STS for the downloads.

As usual I have a blog freebie add on for you to download, you’ll find it towards the bottom of this post.  For the freebie add on we could use CU stuff 🙂

If you like my kit please vote here. 🙂  I’m having such a great time with this competition and would love to stay in for another round, so I really appreciate all the votes so far 🙂  Thanks!
download expired

I decided to go with the crocheted aspect of her baby photo.  It made me think about how cool it is that so many of the lovely ladies at STS have an assortment of other hobbies-besides scrapbooking (of course!).  I thought about all the different crafty hobbies I’ve tried out in the past – including crochet and knitting as well as my ongoing love of making things out felt-especially for library storytimes.  So I raided my mess of a sewing kit for cool looking objects to scan or be inspired from.  Another big inspiration for this kit came from a blanket that my grandmother crocheted for me when I was really little, that my girls still use today.  I pulled the colors from the blanket for my kit and added a blue for some more variety in the kit.Since I had to make my own textures I also spent tons of time looking for fun textures around the house.  Since my kit was inspired by fabric arts in general I used a lot of fabric textures for my papers, including my husband’s knitted sweater!  I also scanned crumpled tissue paper, folded pieces of paper, and paper where I used pinking shears to make a zigzag edge.  I took a photo of my grandmother’s blanket and used the crocheted edge to make a border piece for my kit.  I even raided my mom’s house for pieces and a friend’s sewing kit for more fun objects.

Here’s a photo of all the objects I used in this kit.  The chipboard yarn and sewing machine elements I drew and scanned in and then re-colored in Photoshop.

download expired

And here’s a sample page I made using the mini kit and the add on.  The one paper in the add one I wanted to reflect the sea shell shaped pattern on the crocheted blanket.  🙂


6 responses to “Designer Darling Challenge Round 4 + Freebie

  1. Love your kits Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for the freebie! Love your kits!

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  4. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you for the freebie! I really like your kits and their diverse looks.

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