Forest Tracks Felt board

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For this week’s Flannel Friday I wanted to share a really cute storyt that I made into a felt board.  It’s a book called Forest Tracks by Dee Dee Duffy

It’s a guessing story where you see foot prints of an animal and hear a sound associated in some way with the animal.  For isntance large foot prints and a growling sound and the kids can guess bear.  Some of them you might need to give some additional hints, like for the racoon where the sound is a splashing as he fishes in the water for food.

I made mine a snowy winter background instead of grassy, although we don’t have any snow anyhow, oh well.  So for each page, I put the animal prints on the board and once the kids guessed the animal I put up it’s felt board image.


2 responses to “Forest Tracks Felt board

  1. I love guess the animal games, and this is such a cute one! I might have to try this with some Spring animals.

  2. Oooooo this is fancy, I love these books. And I lve the way you set it up,

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