Maple Sugaring

For the past two years Dan has been collecting sap from our maple trees in the backyard to make maple syrup.  This year we have seven taps at all of our trees and have collected several gallons of sap in the past few week.  We had only intended to make maple syrup again this year, but Dan accidentally boiled down the sap too far, that’s what happens when you’re also trying to put in new flooring and your wife spends all her free time scrapbooking and blogging about it!  Although honestly I think I was at work when this happened.  So he saved the overly boiled down sap and on my day off we collected more sap and actually looked up directions on how to make your own maple candy and gave it a try!  It’s really pretty easy, you can even do it with maple syrup you buy at the store.  You boil, while stirring occasionally, the syrup until it reaches at temp of 235 F on a candy thermometer.  Then take it off the heat and let it cool until it reaches 175 F – don’t stir during this cool down process.  Then use a wooden spoon and stir vigorously for 5 min- it turns a lighter brown and becomes creamy.  Quickly pour it into molds- or you can be like us and have ice cube shaped maple candy!  We’re looking forward to making more with the girls later this week once Dan has more syrup.  He estimated that he boiled down about 5 gallons of sap to make just those 6 little ice cube sized candies!

I made this page using the Amelia Kit Bundle from Shel Belle Scraps.  Don’t forget her entire store is half off this week 🙂


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