Family History Scrapbooking + FREEBIE

I wanted to share some of my pages that I have been making as part of my family history scrapbook, as well as a set of paper stacks freebie to get you started. 🙂  I’ve been having loads of fun contacting distant relatives trying to collect more pictures, letters, documents, memories, whatever I can get!  My poor mom has been ransacking her attic in search of my grandmother’s old whatnot and I’ve been busily scanning and scrapping into the wee hours of the morning which is the only time I can get much done as during the day there is lots of kid stuff to do and sometimes laundry, although usually I try hard to ignore the laundry.

So my hopes today is to get all you guys inspired to go out and bother your relatives and find out about your past.  I wish I had started on this back when some of my grandparents, or Dan’s grandparents, were still around.  There are so many questions I have that no one seems to know the answer to, and then there’s the problem of the Murphy’s.  That’s my mom’s maiden name.  There are just so many Murhpy’s in the world and they all seemed to have choosen from the same handful of first names for their children and they all had a ton of children.  So it’s basically a nightmare trying to sort through all the documents that are online to try to find which Murphy’s are mine.

But I’ve always loved a challenge and honestly I think genealogy is like the perfect librarian hobby.  I don’t mind spending hours searching through horrible handwriting on census records just to see that a relative of mine could read-“Yes” write- “Yes” owned a radio- “yes” (seriously that is a question on I believe the 1930 census.)  But I guess it’s exciting to think about the fact that they were once out there doing something and eventually it all led down to me and then my girls.  And that maybe some of the choices I make or the things I am interested in or my constantly freezing cold ice hands somehow stem from these people I’m discovering.  It’s also fun to look at old photos and try to see what of myself might be in their faces too.  It seems that I look the most like my dad’s side of the family.  But as I get older I see a little bit more of my mom in me.

Anyhow, this is what I wanted to share today.  A few pages that I’ve been working on.  I’ve decided that an efficient way to document loads of people is to spend my time making fancy pages for the photo based pages and to use some of the wonderful pre-made paper stacks that are available for the pages that are basically text.

Here’s a set of four paper stacks I made using the three kits I have available to download for free from my blog HERE as well as a stacked paper set for my upcoming February blog train download.  Hurry and download the other three sets as they will start coming down in February as I add the next round of free downloads.

Click on the preview to download:

These next few pages were made using the kit What a Gem-April by Ivory Keys Digital Dreams as well as one of the corresponding stacked papers from her Lot of Stacks set.

This is my mom’s grandmother on her mother’s side, Hallie.

Layout made using a stacked paper from Ivory Keys Digtial Dreams’ Lot of Stacks

I was excited when my mom found all these old letters that Hallie wrote to her husband and I really wanted to include one of the letters, as well as a legible version of the letter, in my scrapbook.  I saw this kind of idea in a paper scraping book using velum so I recreated it here by making the top layer semi-transparent.

This is my mom’s mother looking all glamorous.  That’s not her wedding dress, just some fancy dress she had and wanted her photo taken in it.  The funny thing is that her wedding dress is rather plain.  There’s a photo of it coming up too 🙂

These two pages were made using the kit Harvest of Memories collab kit by Shel Belle Scraps and the Scrappy Kat as well as a matching paper stack.

And here’s their wedding photo, I don’t know if they had more formal ones that were lost over the years, this is all I have.

I’ve always loved the story of how they met 🙂
Elements from assorted kits including:
Cupid’s Arrow by Studio RA,
Romantic Roses by Jessica Safty,
sorry not sure where the papers are from, I made this page a long time ago before I organized kits very well…

Here’s one from Dan’s side of the family.  The Metzgar family is way back in Dan’s family tree but since I had info on them I wanted to include it here.  I used another stacked set of papers from Ivory Key’s Life Happens Stacked Papers and found some photos of the town in Germany the family was from as well as the city in Illinois that the immigrated to.  This way you get a little feel at least for where they were, even if we can’t see photos of them.

This last one I want to share is really special too, because not only do I have a nice family photo of Dan’s father’s family but Dan’s mom made the needlepoint illustration of the house his dad grew up in.  I like adding objects like these that give a little more life to the pages.

This page was made with a kit by Laura Burger called Reflections of the Past Year

Also Don’t forget to head over to Ivory Keys’ Blog where she is also offering a free stacked set to coordinate with her newest kit What a Gem – May 🙂


7 responses to “Family History Scrapbooking + FREEBIE

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Jan. 30, 2012. Thanks again.

  2. Beautiful!! I am SO anxious to put together pages for my ancestors’ pictures and have them ready for a family reunion in June!
    Thanks, Judy

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  5. Thanks so much for the stacked papers, and for sharing some of your family history. Being an amateur genealogist, I find it all fascinating. God bless!

  6. The stacked papers are wonderfu. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for the inspiration for some family history pages. I am so excited to start doing more work on my grandmothers scrapbook again!

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