Valentine’s Day Flannel Friday

Ok, so here is my Valentine’s Day Extravaganza post, a week late-oops!  I have a couple older feltboards to share today, I’m really excited to make some new Valentine’s Day feltboards that fellow Flannel Friday-er’s shared last week.  But then while looking through books on the shelf a couple days ago I stumbled upon a cool Valentine’s Day book I’d never seen before, Valentine Surprise, even though it’s from 2008.  so I made a felt board for that one really quick and have that to share today too 🙂

I love playing games with the storytime kids, and they especially seem to like games where they have to search around the storytime room for objects.  For Valentine’s Day I made several sets of paper hearts and cut them in half.  For my little guys I put one half of each of th hearts on the board and hid the other half around the room.  They each go and find a half of a heart and match it to the other half on the board.  To make it a little more difficult for the preschool aged crownd, I hide all the hearts and they have to find another kid in the class who has the matching side.  then they can come up together to put the full heart on the board.

I also used a flannel board poem that I originally found in the book The Best of Totline called the Valentine Tree.  I made a large tree with bare branches, which we use for other felt boards when the need arises, like for fall leaves.

The Valentine Tree
I know a very special tree
That lives among the pines.
It has no leaves upon its boughs,
It just grows valentines.

It grows some pretty red ones,
And others that are blue,
It grows some fancy lace ones
With flowers on them, too.

It grows some little pink ones
And great big ones of green.
It grows the nicest valentines
That I have ever seen.

One day, I walked up to it
And shook that special tree.
Down fell a valentine
Especially for me!
-Adapted by Jean Warren from a story by Marion Schoeberlein

Then my new story is Valentine Surprise  by Corrine Demas.  It’s such a cute book about a girl who is trying to make a Valentine heart cut from paper for her mom.  She is never satisfied with the results she gets, it’s too round, too square, too thin, etc.  In the end she tapes them all together to make a cool looking banner.

All the hearts strung together in a banner, I plan to hold this up during the appropriate time in the story, so what I would do is put all the hearts on the board as she makes them in the story, then during the part of the story where she tapes them together I’ll take them down, put the book flat in my lap, and talk about how hard she worked to tape the hearts together all while I velcro them together.  Then I’ll keep the pile of velcroed together hearts in my lap, pick the book back up and when I get to the part where the mom holds up the heart banner I will hold up the felt one.
Here you can see the heart from the back, my velcro is sticky backed so I just used a little scrap of felt on the back of the rough side so the pieces don’t stick to everything, then I used some soft velcro on the hearts so they all stick together well.

The Flannel Friday round up can be found at Melissa’s blog- Mel’s Desk.


5 responses to “Valentine’s Day Flannel Friday

  1. These are among the best Valentine’s Day ideas I’ve seen! I’ll be uising and crediting you for them in storytime and on my blog! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh wow, you are awesome! I’m new to this blog and just recently started a new career as a children’s librarian. I’m doing a Valentine’s Day program soon and I was looking for a fun feltboard story. I LOVE the poem! I can’t wait to use it. I’ll definitely be back for more ideas in the future. Thank you!!

  3. I’m in love with your Valentine Tree. I don’t normally make holiday flannels since they’re only relevant once a year, but this has been the biggest hit at my story time since Pete the Cat. After story time last Thursday our make and take craft was a Valentine Tree where I’d pre-made a bunch of trunks and hearts and they got to stick them on. I’ll also be handing out copies of the poem on Tuesday’s story time for the parents/care givers to take home.

    Great job!

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